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Jinx Chapter 22 Release Date: You’ve Been Waiting For Is Here!


Jinx Chapter 22 Release Date: Jinx is a popular Mingwa webtoon that follows the story of Kim Dan, a naive doctor who falls for Jaekyung, a strange and deadly guy who claims to be his guardian angel. The webtoon is full of drama, romance, and suspense as Kim Dan strives to uncover Jaekyung’s and his own secrets.

Jinx has captivated readers with its gripping plot and amazing graphics, and many are looking forward to the next installment. We will tell you all you need to know about Jinx Chapter 22, including its release date, recap, spoilers, and where to read it online, in this blog post.

Jinx Chapter 22 Quick Info!

Title Jinx
Author Mingwa
Chapter 22
Release Date May 12, 2023
Where to Read Lezhin Comic

Jinx Chapter 22 Release Date!

Jinx Chapter 22 will be released on May 12, 2023. This is predicated on the assumption that the webtoon adheres to a release schedule with no delays or pauses.

Jinx Chapter 22 Release Date

However, depending on the author’s situation and the platform’s policy, this date may change. If you enjoy this manhwa, we also urge you to read the romance manhwa Payback.

Jinx Chapter 21 Recap! What Happen Previously?

In Chapter 21, When the call from the hospital came, Jinx Chapter 21 was being beaten up by Jaekyung. He tried to grab his phone, but the MMA fighter wouldn’t help him. And this was when the story finally started to get better. He pushed Jaekyung away and ran to the hospital.

He told him that what he was asking Kim about was not as important as other things. Jaekyung let him go wherever he wanted, and all he did in return was mutter to himself. Kim Dan gets to the hospital and hopes that his grandma will be all right.

The nurse tells him that his grandmother was in danger a few hours ago, but that she is no longer in danger. The nurse told him that people getting treatment should have their loved ones come see them.

It makes them more likely to stick with their treatment. Kim quickly figures this out and chooses to see her as often as he can from now on.

Jinx Chapter 22 Spoilers: What Happens Next? 

Again, Jinx Chapter 22 will show that Kim never makes things easy. Just as Jaekyung was starting to stand up for himself and do what he thought was important instead of being quiet, he got connected with his grandmother.

He didn’t do it on purpose; he just picked up Dan’s phone when he was too tired to move. Jaekyung has always done what he wants, and he did the same thing when he picked up Kim Dan’s phone.

Jinx Chapter 22 Release Date

The manhwa does a good job of showing what he’s thinking, which protects his status as a mystery man. So when he does decide to do something, it comes as a huge surprise. But it doesn’t look like that will happen this time.

And seeing how Kim’s grandma has already started to like Jaekyung after just one visit. It will make things harder in the future, but for now, all we can do is wait and see what happens. It won’t be as hard to wait for the next number as it was the last time.

Where to Read Jinx Chapter 22 Online?

Jinx is an intriguing manhwa that has captured readers’ attention with its unusual storyline and endearing characters. If you’re seeking a place to read this enthralling manhwa, the best alternative is to go to

This website is a terrific resource for manga fans because it offers a diverse selection of manga from various genres. You may quickly search for Jinx here and read some free chapters.

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