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Operation Pure Love Chapter 62 Release Date? What Will Happen At The Elevator?


Operation True Love Chapter 62 is set to be released soon and fans as well as readers are excited to find out what will happen after Eunhyuk and Suae get stuck inside the elevator. This article covers everything to know about Operation True Love Chapter 62 as well as where to read.

Operation True Love Release Date And Time

operation pure love chapter 62 release date

Operation True Love Chapter 62 Is set to be released on Saturday May 13 2023. The International release time for the maga series is as follows

• Canada: 6:00 a.m NT May 13, 2023

• United States of America: 6:00 a.m EST May 13, 2023

• Australia: 8:00 p.m AEST May 13, 2023

• India: 3:30 p.m IST May 13, 2023

• Japan: 7:00 p.m May 13, 2023

• PhilippPnes: 6:00 p.m May 13, 2023

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Operation True Love Chapter 62 Recap

operation pure love chapter 62 release date

Operation True Love Chapter 61 saw the front elevator of the theater crowded. Suae and Eunhyuk decided to take the elevator on the opposite side.
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The elevator on the side was quite quiet and Suae felt uncomfortable but as she turned and looked at Eunhyk he seemed comfortable and was not feeling awkward.

Suae was wondering if she was the only one to think why the elevator was quiet and not crowded like the former elevator. As the door of the elevator opened Suae remembered the scene from the movie while they were kissing and when they were inside they noticed the elevator was broken.
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Eunhyk and Suae alerted the management center for help and the responder asked them to hold a bit until the repair would be finalized. Suae started to get agitated and as well wondering how long they would have to wait for the team in that quiet area as Eunyhk kept on looking at her direction which made her feel uneasy.

operation pure love chapter 62 release date

Suae then complained to Eunhuyk that she could not stand for long and that she would soon get tired of standing. However, Suae was having weird thought as to how Eunhyk was looking at her perhaps he was thinking about giving her a kiss.

However nothing happened happned as the chapter came to end leaving the pair inside the elevator. There is also a chance that readers would get to see the pair eventually kissing but that would have to wait as the Chapter 62 release date is just some days ahead. Readers are also eager to find out what would happen at the end.

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What Happened At The Theatre?

operation pure love chapter 62 release date

Suae was eavesdropping at some girl’s conversation about Eunhyk. The girls were talking about Eunhyuk and she was happy hearing they were gossiping about him and that he had nothing to do with the girls. She also over heard one of the girls asking her friend if she had collected his phone number but she replied when she asked Eunhyk declined that he already had a girlfriend.

The girls assumed that Eunhyk came to watch a movie together with his girlfriend and left.
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Suae was happy about their conversation and was thinking if she was the girlfriend the girls kept talking about and she coukd not concentrate on the movie.

operation pure love chapter 62 release date

Eunhyk then caught her staring at him and he asked what she was starting at. Suae however gave him a lame answer to his sudden question. Suae then looked at the movie screen and saw a kossing scene and was wondering why a fifteen minute movie would be full of so many kissing scene. After the movie ended they left the theatre.

Suae felt awkward about the kissig scene in the movie but when Eunhyk asked her about her thoughts she said it was a good movie while other viewers were bashing the elevator kissing scene of the movie.

Where To Read Operation Pure Love?

operation pure love chapter 62 release date

Operation True Love Chapter 62 would be available on Webtoons when the chapter is released. Readers can also read previous episode of the manga on Webtoons.

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