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Lost in the Cloud Chapter 77: What Will Happen Next? Find Out the Release Date!


Are you waiting for the Lost In The Cloud Chapter 77 Release Date? Cirrus will soon be adopted and get a stepmother. His brothers have been wondering why he will have to call her his mother even though she won’t be his real mother.

They worry that his stepmother might not feed him or even send him to a shelter because stepmothers can be mean. They have seen this kind of thought on TV, so they are afraid it could happen to them.

Since he has already said that his father doesn’t like him as much as he used to, they ask him what he will do. Then Rin suggested that she ask her mother if he could move in with them. He doesn’t even seem to know what a shelter is, so the whole thing made him cry.

When he meets the woman who would become his stepmother, she treats her nicely. She bought some food and used it to make dinner. She also got to know her neighbors better because she went shopping with them and brought Octopus home.

In this article, we will discuss the Lost In The Cloud Chapter 77 Release Date, A Recap of the previous Chapter, and Much more. Scroll down and read the entire article if you want to get all the details.

Lost In The Cloud Chapter 77 Quick Info!

Title Lost In The Cloud
Author Paskim
Chapter 77
Release Date May 26, 2023
Where to Read Lezhin Comics

When And Where to Read Lost In The Cloud Chapter 77?

Chapter 77 of Lost in the Cloud will come out on May 26, 2023. In recent months, new chapters have been coming out on Fridays, which has been a stable plan. So, since it’s already the weekend, we won’t have to wait long for the next episode.

On the main website for Lezhin Comics Webtoon, you will be able to read “Lost In The Cloud Chapter 77.” The manhwa is also available in its home countries in a number of magazines and other media.

Lost In The Cloud Chapter 77

But if you want to read the new parts as soon as they come out and you don’t live in the country where the manhwa is from, you might have to go online.

So, always make sure to read Manhwa from official sites to show your support for the people who make it. At the time, it doesn’t look like there will be any changes to the schedule, so new chapters will come out as usual.

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What is the Storyline of Lost In The Cloud? 

Skylar has a secret hobby: he likes to take pictures of Chan-il, the girl he likes. But when Cirrus finds Skylar’s cloud storage with a large number of Chan-il’s photos, things quickly get worse. Skylar was at first sure that Cirrus would keep his secret safe, but he keeps getting into sticky situations that make him doubt Cirrus’s true intentions.

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What Happens in Chapter 76 of Lost in the Cloud?

This time, it looks like he got a stepmother who cares about him because she worried that the curry she made for him might have been too spicy. All this time, he has been scared and hasn’t said anything about his sports day.

But he is glad that his stepmother is nothing like the one Rin told him about. It was time for his dad to leave, so he could finally see how his wife would treat her when her dad wasn’t there.

Cirrus has been scared for a long time because of how Rin talked to him about stepmothers. And when his father was going, he was so shy that he could barely speak when his stepmother told him to say goodbye to his father.

Lost In The Cloud Chapter 77

So far, she seemed nice to Cirrus and was even willing to play with him. He realized now that he was ready to talk about his sports day.


This post about when Lost In The Cloud Chapter 77 will come out is over. We hope you liked reading our overview and spoilers of the previous chapters and are looking forward to the next one.

In a dystopian world, Lost In The Cloud is an exciting and emotional manhwa about love, friendship, betrayal, and getting even. If you haven’t read it yet, you should go to the official website or app and read it. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more news about Lost in the Cloud and other great manhwa.

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