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Is Amy Allen Pregnant? Are Rumors Of The Star Pregnancy True?


Amy Allen is a well-known American personality who is famous in the field of paranormal investigation. She is also well known for featuring the famous film The Dead Flies. Amy Allen has been able to gather enough fans with the ability to communicate with the spirit world.

Rumors of The Dead Flies star being pregnant have been making waves and fans are curious to find out the truth about the rumors. This article covers all you will need to know about Amy Allen and if she is currently pregnant.

Is Amy Allen Pregnant?

Is Amy Allen pregnant

No, Amy Allen is currently not pregnant. However, Amy Allen has also not given out any information about pregnancy as well as her representatives haven’t made any statement confirming a pregnancy rumor. Her representatives have also stressed the significance of protecting her privacy and focusing on her job.

It is also not easy for many celebrities to Canadian a certain degree of privacy regarding their private life especially when it comes to the aspect of who they are dating or pregnancy. However, it is still unclear if she is pregnant as no official statement has been made yet.

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Who Is Amy Allen Dating?

Is Amy Allen pregnant

Amy Allen is currently married to Rob Traeger. The couple got married in 2018 and have since been together. Rob has also directed several investigative programs including Mysteries and Scandals which aired in 2018. The couple first met while they were working on a show together. Preg

The couple also doesn’t have any children between them. Season 14 of The Dead Files is currently airing and Amy and her crew will travel throughout California, Washington, and North Carolina. The episode airs on Saturday’s 10:00 p.m. EST on Travel Channel.

Who Is Rob Traegler?

Is Amy Allen pregnant

Rob Traegker is a famous American director and television star. Rob was born on 8 October 1982. Rob is also a production associate with Dr. Phil where he was recognized for his outstanding work. After four years of working on the show, he was given the opportunity of director at Animal Planet.

He has also contributed to programs like Deep Fried and Pretty Hurts. But his existence would be altered when the Travel Network hired him to produce ghost files which are where he met Amy Allen.

Amy Allen’s Previous Relationships?

Is Amy Allen pregnant

Amy Allen was in a relationship with Mathew Anderson from 2011 to 2013. The co-host of The Dead Files was previously married to Mathew Anderson. At the time of their marriage, Mathew was the camera operator for the program.

During an interview in 2012 with TrTvel Channel Mathew described himself as a hardcore skeptic regarding her alleged mediumship abilities. He also described his marriage with Amy Allen as interesting and would not know what the next outcome would be.

Matthew also added that he is never quite positive about what Amy Allen is looking at when filming for their show and that he also knew that she was affected by something in each location but he had no idea of what to search for. However, it did not change or improve their relationship and according to Affair Post, the couple separated in 2013.

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