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Magic Emperor Chapter 421 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, And Where To Read?


Magic Emperor Chapter 421 Release Date: The next chapter of Magic Emperor, chapter 421, will also be a lot of fun. We will finally find out if Tuoba Liufeng’s anger is enough to beat Zhou Yifan, or if Zhou Yifan can also beat him. Well, before we get to all of that, let me tell you all a little bit about the manhua “Magic Emperor.

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There is a Magic Emperor in the story. As you might not think, he was a pretty bad Emperor. To be exact, he was a cruel one. He was called Zhou Yifan. When he got the Book of Nine Secrets, things started to go wrong.

In this article, we will discuss the Magic Emperor Chapter 421 Release Date, Spoilers, And Where To Read? Scroll all the way down and read the entire article if you want to obtain all of the information.

Magic Emperor Chapter 421 Release Date and Time!

On July 23, 2023 (KST), both Chapters 421 and 422 of Magic Emperor will come out at the same time. Every week, two episodes of Magic Emperor come out at the same time. That is, twice as much fun and half as long to wait. The following are the times and dates of release in other places:

Time Zone Time (KST) Date
KST (Korean Standard Time) 12:00 AM July 23, 2023
PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) 8:00 AM July 22, 2023
CDT (Central Daylight Time) 10:00 AM July 22, 2023
EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) 11:00 AM July 22, 2023
BST (British Summer Time) 4:00 PM July 22, 2023
IST (Indian Standard Time) 8:30 PM July 22, 2023
SST (Singapore Standard Time) 11:00 PM July 22, 2023
PST (Philippines Standard Time) 11:00 PM July 22, 2023
JST (Japanese Standard Time) 12:00 AM July 23, 2023
Australia Time 12:30 AM July 23, 2023

Magic Emperor Chapter 421 Spoilers!

As of now, spoilers have not been released for Magic Emperor Chapter 421. Fans eagerly await any information regarding the next installment of this popular series.

The anticipation builds as readers eagerly anticipate the latest developments in the story, but for now, the details and surprises of Chapter 421 remain unknown.

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Magic Emperor Chapter 421 Release Date

Fans are anxiously waiting for the release, eager to dive into the next chapter and uncover the twists and turns that await them

Magic Emperor Chapter 420 Recap!

In Magic Emperor Chapter 420, we saw that even though Lian’er was the best at handling beasts, things had gone out of control and there seemed to be chaos everywhere.

Zhou Yifan, on the other hand, hadn’t even paid attention to how the girl looked. Zhou Yifan only cared about the Quanrong’s level when they got there. He didn’t know that she was a messenger from the Quanrong Empire.

The girl from the Quanrong Empire who was sent to talk to Zhou Yifan didn’t know who he was.

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She was curious about what he was doing in the Imperial Capital and which housemaster he was from.

Even though Zhou Yifan knew who she was, he didn’t know what she was doing on Beast King Mountain during the esoteric discussion. Zhou Yifan wondered if it had anything to do with the reason why the Quanrong group was there.

Tuoba Liufeng is generally calm, as we all know, right? So, when he saw Zhou Yifan, he knew right away that he was their biggest threat. So, all of a sudden, he had a strong desire for blood and wanted to kill Zhou Yifan as soon as possible.

Tuoba Liufeng tells Zha Lahan and Zhe Bie to form the Falcon shape and kill Zhou Yifan all at once. But is that going to happen? Well, we’ll find out in time.

Magic Emperor Chapter 421 Raw Scans!

Currently, raw scans for Magic Emperor Chapter 421 are unavailable. Fans of the series are unable to access the early, unedited versions of the chapter that are typically leaked prior to the official release.

Magic Emperor Chapter 421 Release Date

The absence of raw scans leaves readers in suspense, unable to catch a glimpse of the upcoming events and artwork. This absence adds to the anticipation surrounding the chapter, heightening the curiosity of fans who eagerly await the official release.

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Where to Read Magic Emperor Chapter 421?

On the main site of Kuaikan Manhua, you will be able to read Magic Emperor Chapter 421 Raw online. There are many fan sites where you can read the English version, but we recommend that you only read the original creator’s work and support them.


In conclusion, fans are very excited about Magic Emperor Chapter 421 because they want to see Tuoba Liufeng and Zhou Yifan fight. As the book’s release date gets closer, people are getting more and more excited. They can’t wait to read the next part and find out what happens to the characters. Even though spoilers for Chapter 421 haven’t been shared yet, fans are still patiently waiting for any news about how the story is going. On July 23, 2023 (KST), when two episodes come out at the same time, fans can expect twice as much fun. manga. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more manga updates.

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