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Anne De Paula’s Ethnicity Find All The Answers Here!


Anne De Paula’s ethnicity has been a trending topic for a while now as fans of the famous American celebrity have been speculating about her origin. This article covers all you will need to know about Anne De Paula as well as her ethnicity. Follow for more trending news and information.

Who Is Anne De Paula?

Anne De Paula's Ethnicity

Anne De Paula is a famous Brazilian model and rising star in the fashion industry. She was born on March 31, 1995, in Rio De Janeiro Brazil. She has gained a lot of followers and fans fur to her stunning looks and captivating presence.

Her modeling career took a good turn when she won the Supermodel of the World competition in 2011 which paved the way for her to showcase her talents and gained international recognition. Since the competition she has bagged several endorsement deals and she has graced the covers of various fashion magazines such as Swimsuit Edition and Vogue Brazil.

She is one of the most sought models and she has been featured in several magazines such as GQ Mexico and Sports Illustrated. Her striking features and personality has made her a model to compete in the fashion world.

Anne De Paula's Ethnicity

She is also active on social media and has used her platform such as Instagram to share details about her life and work. She is also a recognized advocate for body positivity and has always encouraged confidence and acceptance among her followers.

Despite her young age, she has continues to rise and being an important personality in the fashion world. Her unique blend of beauty and talent has been an intriguing factor that makes her stand out among other models and influences. She is also posed on making important changes that would last for years.

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Anne De Paula’s Ethnicity

Anne De Paula's Ethnicity

Anne De Paula has Brazillian citizenship but her ethnicity is Latin-Brazillian. Her religion is Roman Catholic. She has also been very vocal about Latin ethnicity people. She currently resides in New York City and she is represented by the Wilhelmina model agency.

Anne De Paula’s father’s name is Mr. Paula and her mother is Mrs. Paula. They are both professionals working and residing in Brazil.

Who Is Anne De Paula Dating?

Anne De Paula's Ethnicity

Anne De Paula is currently in a relationship with a professional basketball player Joel Embiid. Rumors of their relationship started when they were both spotted at a basketball game in China during the NBA China Games.

She gave birth to her first son known as Arthur in September 2020 however the identity of Arthurs’s father has not been revealed. Before her relationship with Joel Embiid, she was in a relationship with a professional singer known as Danny Donoghue.

He was the lead singer of the famous band group called The Script. She was also featured in a music video called No Good in Goodbye.

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Anne De Paula’s Net Worth

Anne De Paula's Ethnicity

Anne De Paula as of June 2023 has an estimated net worth of about $14 million. Her huge income is a result of her modeling success. She has also been very active on Instagram and she has used her platform to share her life and work experience.

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