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Is Usher Gay? The Truth About Popular Singer’s Sexuality!


Is Usher Gay? From the time he was a kid, Usher loved to sing. When he was 14 years old and his family moved to Atlanta, he got a spot on the show “Star Search” and did a great job. He got a deal to sing from LaFace Records after they heard him.

Usher wrote his hit song when he was only 15 years old, in 1994. After 10 years, his record “Confessions” became so famous that more than a million copies were sold in the first week.

In 2012, he put out an album called “Looking 4 Myself,” which went to the top of the Billboard album chart in the U.S. In his life, everything was going well, and he even got married.

He started getting cases all of a sudden, and one of them made people wonder if he was gay. He left a lot of people confused. If you are one of them, we will tell you the truth. Find out whether or not Usher is gay or bisexual. When was Usher released? We’re about to check facts and find answers together. So let’s get started.

Is Usher Gay?

Usher never said he was queer or gay. Still, people have doubts about his sexuality. Usher has been busy trying to avoid cases because he was accused of having sex with three people and giving them a disease called “herpes” that is spread through physical contact.

Why do people want to know, “Is Usher gay, straight, or bisexual?” is Usher’s relationship with a guy in the bedroom. A man named John Doe said that he was close to Usher and that the singer didn’t tell him that he had a cancer. John Doe now has the same sickness.

The victim says that in 2012 and 2013, he had physical interaction with Usher. Even though the singer knew he had a disease that could spread to others if they had physical contact with him, he didn’t tell anyone, including John Doe.

When word spread that Usher was sexually involved with a guy, everyone thought he was gay. But when asked about his sexuality, Usher stays quiet. We all know he’s not straight, especially since we know he had sex with a guy.

Is Usher Gay

Before he was sued for John, everyone knew he was straight, but his ex-wife, Tameka Foster, said Usher is gay and had been acting like a straight person.

In a tweet that was quickly taken down, she said, “Gay men who claim to be “straight” should wear “bright wristbands” to show who they are.

Still, we can’t be 100 percent sure that Usher is gay. The singer still has a chance to show that he is not guilty. Until then, we have to keep thinking that Usher is gay and straight.

Who is Usher Dating Now?

The R&B artist is seeing Jenn Goicoechea right now. When they were seen together at a show at the Hollywood Bowl in October 2019, rumors began to spread that they were dating.

They now had two kids together. Sovereign Bo Raymond was born as the first child in September 2020. Sire Castrillo Raymond joined the “Raymond crew” in September of last year, which Usher told his Instagram fans.

Usher Past Relationships!

Outside of his two bad marriages, Usher was also with a number of women. The R&B singer had at least 15 lovers. Here are some of the most important ones.

He briefly dated Karon Vereen in 1993. She is the daughter of Ben Vereen, an American actress. But the love didn’t last for long. In 1995, the singer was tied to another singer, Monica.

Usher also dated Brandy Norwood, who goes by the name just Brandy. They worked on the 1999 song “Who Is She to You” together. At that time, too, it was said that they were dating.

Is Usher Gay

In 1999, the singer was also seeing an American author named Karrine Steffans. Before they broke up in 2004, they had been dating on and off for five years.

He was also sexually involved with the singer and actor Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas. They went out together in 2001, but they broke up in 2003. Then, Usher got married to Tameka Foster, who was his first wife.

Usher was also related to Jennifer Freeman, Stefanie Thomas, Ayesha Butler, Melinda Santiago, Mimi Faust, Joy Bryant, Naomi Campbell, Eishia Brightwell, Keyshia Cole, Pamela Anderson, and Mimi Faust.

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How Did He Get So Much Popularity?

From a young age, the eight-time Grammy winner loved music a lot. LaFace Records signed Usher to a deal for singing after he appeared on the show “Star Search” when he was 14 years old. Later, he became more famous and popular, which led to a lot of other problems.

Because of his stage image, people thought of Usher as an “international sex symbol” when he was young. But as he became more well-known, he also started getting sued. And a case that was just filed against him has made it hard for music fans to figure out if he is gay or queer.


Fans and the media are still not sure about Usher’s sexuality, but the singer decided to stay quiet about it. People started to get confused when they heard that Usher had a sexual relationship with a guy.

Still, since it’s just a claim, it’s not clear if he had a sexual relationship with a guy or not. We hope that the truth will come out soon, and you will know when it does. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more LGBTQ-related News and Updates.

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