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Be The Actor Chapter 49 Release Date, Spoilers, And Where to Read?


Be The Actor Chapter 49 Release Date: Play the part The next part of the Fantasy-Drama Manhwa will be Chapter 49. The story is about a guy named Jang Yeon-Guk, who turned his back on his mother to chase his greed for money.

He tricked his mother into thinking he was a straight student by changing his test scores. But as time went on, it got harder for him to keep up with his lies. He didn’t like that his mother sold fish at the market either.

Yeon-Guk only wanted to do one thing: make a lot of money. He quickly saw that playing was his best chance. After doing menial jobs and small parts in movies and TV shows for a few years, he was able to build up his business.

All the while, he didn’t care about his mother or how sick she was getting. When he got everything he wanted, he lost the one person he should have cared about the most: his mother. Yeon-Guk couldn’t handle the guilt any longer.

Be The Actor Chapter 49 Release Date And Time!

Chapter 49 of Be the Actor will come out on or around August 17, 2023. In the table below, you can find information about when the manhwa came out in different parts of the world.

Be The Actor Chapter 48 Recap!

Director Shin Sung-Hyun takes him to see his father, who was the motivation for his latest part, so that he can learn more about him. Yeon-Guk met him and asked him about what it was like to be a funeral director.

It was a very eye-opening event for him and will help him give his character a touch of reality. Besides that, he also has to get ready for his next fan meeting.

So, he is at Haeone Entertainment to improve his skills in other areas. The Fan Event went very well. There were a lot of people waiting for him. There, he impressed them even more with his quick dance moves and sweet singing voice.

Be The Actor Chapter 49 Release Date

There were also a lot of other fun things that his friends could do together. At one of the events, a fan was able to give Yeon-Guk a hug. As she was walking toward him, a stage light came loose. She shoves Yeon-Guk out of the way, and that’s the end of the episode.

Be The Actor Chapter 49 Spoilers!

This is the most suspenseful finish possible. In Chapter 48, one of the stage lights fell off, and Yeon-Guk pushed the fan who got the hug out of the way. It looks like the rest of the platform also fell down. No one has told us if they are hurt or not.

But we do know that someone is going to lose their job. Yeon-Guk has story armor because he is the main figure. Not so much for the girl who tried to help him. Will this become a new love story? Just wait and see.

Choi Yul is also in Yeon-Guk’s new movie, which is something else to keep in mind. Choi Yul is a famous music director from all over the world, and he was asked to make the OST for the film. He has a very full routine and is always going somewhere.

But Sung-Hyun sent him Yeon-Guk’s test tape to convince him. Choi Yul asks his helper how soon he can leave his present job to start working with Yeon-Guk, which shows that the tape worked. People can’t help but want to be around him.

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Be The Actor Chapter 49 Raw Scans!

As of now, the raw scans for Be The Actor Chapter 49 are not available. We understand that fans are excited to read the latest chapter and find out what happens next. Unfortunately, we don’t have access to the raw scans at the moment.

We are keeping a close eye on any updates, and once the raw scans are released, we will update the article with the latest information. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Where Can I Read Chapter 49 of Be the Actor Online?

On Kakao Page and Kakao Webtoon, you can read Be The Actor Chapter 49 Raws. You can read the three chapters of the Manhwa for free whenever you want. You can buy the other parts if you want to read them. All purchases on Kakao websites are done with “Cash,” which is the legal currency used in their stores.


In the fantasy-drama Manhwa, Be The Actor Chapter 49 is set to come out on August 17, 2023. In the story, the main character is Jang Yeon-Guk, who turned his back on his mother for money and started playing to make money for himself. The funeral of Yeon-Guk’s father and a fan meeting at Haeone Entertainment are talked about in this episode. The episode also ends on a cliffhanger when a stage light falls off and Yeon-Guk pushes a fan out of the way who gave him a hug. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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