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AI Generated Songs Have Been Welcomed Back On Spotify In 2023


Complications And Controversies Of AI Generated Art

Experience the future of music as AI-generated songs make a triumphant return to Spotify in 2023.

AI technology offers musicians many opportunities, from assisting in composition and arrangement by generating melodies and harmonies to providing personalized fan experiences through curated playlists and interactive performances and branding and promotion services

AI has grown in popularity across multiple industries. Creativity has now been automated. From generating articles, images, videos, even songs, AI has taken over multiple industries by storm. For instance, AI music app, Boomy, has created 14.4 million tracks so far as of July 2023 which have been aggressively removed by Spotify due to copyright issues and stream manipulation. Spotify had also made the decision to ban Boomy at one point because of the uncontrollable influx of AI music published on the platform which have caused fraudulent “creators” to profit off of artists. 

Boomy produces music through utilizing machine learning algorithms to analyze tracks and then generating music which mirrors its style and compositions. Since then, Boomy had cleaned up their act and worked with Spotify to rectify these concerns to make sure that their AI generated music is original and does not violate copyright laws.

Artists vs. AI: Has It Been A Real Threat? What Do Creators And Musicians Think..

Today, artificial intelligence has progressively evolved enough to generate seemingly original compositions in the style of living artists within minutes. As exciting as it might sound to some, most have expressed hard disapproval of the idea of AI being used in music creation. This may come from the fear that this rapid growth may cause them to be outdated and replaced like the VHS tape.

According to Vice, when a fan presented Australian musician, Nick Cave, lyrics generated by Chat GPT which tried to write in his style, Cave disregarded the attempt as “a grotesque mockery of what it is to be human”. He was said to explain that songwriting is an endeavor that pushes us to face our own “vulnerabilities” which an AI would never have the capacity to replicate. That being said, the value and art of songwriting should be appreciated through the artists’ experienced mortal pain to bring the creation to life.

AI’s Influence In Music: Paving The Way For New Voices

While artists can whine and complain about the threats of AI, there is no stopping its influence in the music industry nonetheless. AI is here whether we like it or not. However, it is not all doom and gloom as it can definitely unearth untapped talented musicians who may have not had the privilege to create prior to AI. Progress in technology has birthed exciting new ways of creating music such as the eye harp, which is a “harp” controlled with eye movement for people whose bodies may prevent them from playing on a traditional harp.

Many people are robbed off the advantage of producing art, even if they want to. Not just because of physical inability, but also accessibility too. Some would be of the opinion that the music hobby may only be reserved for those who come from money. In some cases, this may be true. AI has gifted the non-privileged, a way to express themselves through music like never before. While music production may be commercialized and able to be produced by the masses now when it used to be exclusive to the rich and famous, we may now look forward to a generation of new talent who are eager to express themselves. The world may sound a lot more colorful now.

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