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The New Samsung Food App Can Help You Master the Art of Home Cookery!


Samsung Food App: Samsung is getting into the kitchen with the launch of Samsung Food, a “AI-powered food and recipe platform.”

The app isn’t totally new because it uses a lot of information from the “extensive database of Whisk, a smart food ” that Samsung NEXT bought in 2019. Samsung Food, on the other hand, helps people find interesting recipes by using Whisk’s Food AI technology. It’s kind of like having a personal helper.

The official release says that the software learns from its users to “create tailored meal plans” that meet each person’s specific food and nutritional needs. If you’re new to cooking, it will also show you how to make a dish step by step.

From the above video, you can see that the app is more than just a recipe on your phone. Once you add a recipe to your “recipe box,” Samsung Food will study it and give you a list of the things you need to buy to make it. The company says that the Personalize Recipe tool can be used to make changes to recipes.

For example, if you’re a vegan, you can swap out meat for vegetables or change a few things to make something more “nutritionally balanced.”

But it looks like there is a difference between the video and the app itself. While we were using it, we couldn’t customize any of the recipes like the trailer shows. It’s possible that we just weren’t using one of the meals that could be changed.

How to Download the Samsung Food App?

You can download Samsung Food right now from both the App Store and the Google Play Store. It’s coming out in 104 countries around the world in eight languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, and Korean. In all, you will have access to more than 160,000 meals.

When you open the app, it will ask you a number of questions, such as if you eat a certain way or if you have any allergies. It won’t suggest meals that will make someone with an allergy sick. If you want more detailed ideas, you can add information about yourself, such as your age, height, weight, and overall level of activity.

Samsung Food App

When you click on the “Instructions” tab, most of the recipes on the platform will take you to a third-party website. However, some recipes will take you to the app itself. Look under the main picture to see which ones will take you outside of Samsung Food.

If it’s a URL, it will be a website from a different company. It will be in-app if it’s a person’s name. The name refers to one of the platform’s many cooking stars.

Future Updates to Samsung Food App!

It looks like Samsung has a lot in mind for its Food app. The tech giant says that it will “add new features and services to the app to make it even more… complete.” It plans to fully integrate Samsung Health by the end of this year so that users can get tips on how to take care of their own diet.

In 2024, Samsung will add Vision AI technology to the platform. This will allow the app to spot food “photographed through the camera.” This will give important diet information and “recommend the best dishes to use them with.” Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more tech-related updates.

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