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How To Fight Chapter 199 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, And Where to Read?


How To Fight Chapter 199 Release Date: The wait for How to Fight Chapter 199 is finally over, as the next chapter has been given an official release date. It will soon be on the main website where fans can read it. In the last chapter of How to Fight, chapter 199, Hansu Seong finally asks a drug dealer to bring Lee Jinho.

Starting in chapter 197, Lee Jinho shoots Taehoon in the stomach, causing him pain. So, his father has something against Jinho and wants to get back at Lee Jinho.

Hobin Yoo is the main person in this comic story. He learns how to fight as the story goes on. He eventually stands up to bullies on his own and makes a lot of friends. In chapter 197, one of his friends, Taehoon, takes the bullet right in the stomach for him.

How to Fight Chapter 199 Release Date And Time!

Chapter 199 of How to Fight will come out on September 16, 2023. How To Fight Chapter 199 will come out in the following countries and at the following times:

Time Zone Date and Time
Pacific Daylight Time (West Coast) 08:00 AM PDT (September 16, 2023)
Central Daylight Time (Central America and Canada) 09:00 AM CDT (September 16, 2023)
Eastern Daylight Time (East Coast) 10:00 AM EDT (September 16, 2023)
Greenwich Mediterranean Time (Britain) 05:00 PM BST (September 16, 2023)
Indian Standard Time (India) 08:30 PM IST (September 16, 2023)
Singapore Standard Time (Singapore) 11:00 PM SGT (September 16, 2023)
Philippines Standard Time (Philippines) 11:00 PM PST (September 16, 2023)

How To Fight Chapter 199 Spoilers!

It is one of the best action-fantasy comic series, and the next part will have even more thrilling and exciting moments. In How to Fight, chapter 199, we might finally see Hansu Seong grow as a person, as he gets even with Lee Jinho for the sake of his son.

How To Fight Chapter 199 Release Date

How To Fight Chapter 198 Recap!

At the beginning of the last episode, Taehoon Seong and Hobin Yoo were talking. He didn’t make Taehoon Seong happy. Because he told Taehoon Seong’s father how Seong was hurt and who shot him.

Seong says, “You had to make a big deal out of it.” As fans, we know how good his father is, and Lee Jinho loses because of him. We are worried about him at the same time.

In the last part of this story, the inspector has a serious talk with Taehoon Seong and Hobin Yoo. Hobin Yoo says, “The victims were already gangsters anyway.” The inspector says, “That’s true; things look different from where we are. No matter how good or bad their goals were, they are getting in the way of our probes.

Lee Jinho was shooting at Taehoon, as we saw in Chapter 197. And he and the other people with him are being looked into. For the sake of the people, they need to catch those jerks as soon as possible. Can they manage? The main character in this comic series, Hobin Yoo, has a best friend named Taehoon Seong who will take a bullet for him.

“My mom is calling for me,” says Hobin Yoo. “Monsoo, I don’t know who did it, but find out who it was and tell me,” the inspector says. “I need to know who is sneaking around and going against the rules.”

Last but not least, this part gives Lee Jinho a chance to shine. “How did something like this happen so quickly?” he asks. The other person with him was also sad. They thought someone from Yoo Hobin’s group was looking into the gangs.

Lee Jinho thought that it wouldn’t help to think about it anymore. They should stop thinking about what caused the problem and focus on how to fix it. But they didn’t agree with him because they already knew what they were going to do.

One of the chiefs says, “It’s your fault, and that annoys me, but what can they do? At the end of Chapter 198, there is a mind-blowing ending. Hansu Seong shows up with his own gangs and tells them to leave his son alone and bring Lee Jinho to him.

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How To Fight Chapter 199 Raw Scans!

Additionally, as of the moment, raw scans for “How To Fight Chapter 199” have not yet been released. Raw scans, which are unedited and untranslated versions of manga chapters, typically surface ahead of official translations.

How To Fight Chapter 199 Release Date

However, the timing of raw scan releases can vary due to factors such as the manga’s serialization schedule and the actions of scanlation groups or individuals involved in unauthorized scanning and distribution.

Where Can I Read Chapter 199 of How to Fight?

The raw version of How to Fight Chapter 199 will be posted on Naver. There may be geo-restrictions, though.


The eagerly awaited How to Fight Chapter 199 is set to release on September 16, 2023, promising thrilling developments in the story. Hansu Seong’s pursuit of vengeance against Lee Jinho for his son’s sake takes center stage, while Hobin Yoo’s journey of personal growth and resilience continues. However, spoilers for the chapter are currently unavailable, and raw scans have yet to surface. Fans are encouraged to await the official release and refrain from seeking unauthorized spoilers to preserve their reading experience. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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