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Where to Find Birthday Cake and Birthday Gift in Fortnite?


Six years have swiftly passed since the introduction of the Fortnite Battle Royale game mode, marking a significant milestone for Epic Games. In a jubilant celebration of this major achievement, Epic Games rolled out the v26.10 hotfix on September 19, infusing the gaming world with an array of delightful birthday-themed additions.

These celebratory enhancements include exciting birthday quests and an array of birthday goodies, all tailored to immerse players in a festive and joyful atmosphere. During this limited-time celebration, avid gamers will have the opportunity to discover Birthday Cake and Birthday Presents scattered across the expansive Battle Royale island.

However, unveiling these special anniversary items necessitates a keen eye and knowledge of their precise locations. In this guide, dedicated fans and newcomers alike will be provided with insights on where and how to uncover these exclusive anniversary treasures within Fortnite, ensuring they make the most of this celebratory event before it reaches its conclusion.

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How to Get a Birthday Cake?

On the Battle Royale map, there is a Birthday Cake at every POI. Chapter 4 has 15 named spots in Season 4, so there are 15 places where players can find Birthday Cake slices and eat them.

Where to Find Birthday Cake and Birthday Gift in Fortnite

The Birthday Cake is surrounded by slices of Birthday Cake. Each slice heals the player for 10 HP and 10 Shield at the same time. But the player won’t be able to eat any slices if they have full health. The player can’t take cake slices and put them in their collection like they can with the Pizza Party item.

People always go to Hot Spots and places with a lot of activity, so players who need to eat Birthday Cake cuts for a quest should go to a POI that is far from the Battle Bus path.

Where to Look for Birthday Gifts?

Birthday Cake will be easier to find than Birthday Gifts. First of all, they don’t have a set place where they always show up. So, players can’t just go to a POI to be sure they’ll find this thing. Birthday Presents can be found on the ground or in prize boxes. But because this is a legendary item, it doesn’t come up as often as other things.

Where to Find Birthday Cake and Birthday Gift in Fortnite

To see what’s inside the Birthday Present, players have to put it in the right place in their inventory and then throw it on the ground. Fans can use their pickaxes to break open the big party present to find out what’s inside.

These Legendary Birthday Presents give random, fairly rare items to players. If a player finds one of these, it’s always a good idea to check out what’s inside because it could have a game-changing item. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Game-related updates and News.

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