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Using Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing to Get to Zero Accidents!


Since the world is full of new technologies, even a small mistake or fault can lead to terrible things for people. Especially in industries like chemistry, manufacturing, and shipping where workers need to be constantly alert to stay safe. Because of this, it’s important for people who work in these fields to pay attention to changes in the workplace.

But it’s easy for people to miss small changes in their surroundings. And these small changes can lead to possible disasters that put people’s lives at risk. According to a study by the International Labour Organization, work-related injuries and deaths have accounted to US$3 trillion worldwide, which is the approximate GDP of India.

Using an AI-powered system that can find the most dangerous threat to human life can help prevent these kinds of events and make the workplace safer. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, patterns that pose a threat to human life can be found, and people could be kept from getting hurt.

So, in a setting where people have to work hard, use tools and equipment, and deal with fires, an AI-based solution would help by giving information about how the organization is set up so that these dangers can be avoided. Also, these AI-powered solutions don’t need to be built from scratch; they can be added to the security system that’s already in place.


CCTV cameras are used to keep an eye on the workplace, especially factories. These cameras only report an accident or dangerous situation after it has happened. So, a deep-learning-powered AI system can be put in the CCTV camera to make sure there are no accidents in the factory area.

An AI-powered system can provide a virtual map to examine the total working area, mark hazardous areas, define non-compliance areas, and set the different types of alerts, in case a disaster happens.

These alerts can be sent in a number of ways, from SMS and email to buzzers. In this way, the officials can be alerted in real-time when there is a problem with compliance. This will help businesses deal with the problem of accidents at work, which is already a problem.

Fire Detection 

Installing standard fire alarms in buildings and workplaces takes a lot of time because they have to be connected to smoke and thermal monitors. Once a standard fire alarm finds a fire, it sounds after five minutes.

This means that there is a greater chance of a fire spreading. By combining standard fire alarms with AI-powered solutions, it would be possible to warn people of a fire risk sooner. The AI-based system also scans the area to find any electrical link flaws that have been there for a long time in the building or workplace.

Using Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing to Get to Zero Accidents

With the help of AI, the number of people in the building and the number of people leaving the building can be counted. This helps the fire fighters figure out which floor to go to and saves valuable time. A system that uses AI can also tell exactly where the fire is and send alerts to the officials.

MHE Security

Material Handling Equipment Safety is a key part of running a good supply chain. As part of the MHE, goods can be moved, controlled, stored, protected, and counted at any point in the supply chain. Even if the workers are trained well, accidents will still happen.

In the way the supply chain is set up, people are also at risk of the possible danger. By adding an AI-based system to the supply chain, both workers and walkers would have a clear path to follow, which would help prevent future accidents.

It can also find the things that people don’t think about, which could lead to trouble. By combining traditional MHE safety with AI, companies will be able to find the risky places and build standard operating procedures (SOPs) to reduce accidents there.


Ergonomics is the study of how to make workplaces, goods, and methods easier for people to use. It is a branch of science that tries to figure out what people can and can’t do and then use that information to improve how people connect with goods, systems, and environments.

But if you stand in the wrong way while using ergonomics, you could hurt yourself. Back pain can’t be one of the most regular accidents at work. So, to fix this, an AI-based system would help watch how workers stand and figure out which one is wrong.

When the wrong pose is found, the chance of getting hurt is lessened. So, the idea of artificial intelligence doesn’t always mean a tool that changes things, but it can also be used to fix mistakes that people make. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more AI-related News and Updates.

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