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I Am the Villain Chapter 22 Release Date, Spoilers, And Where to Read?


I Am the Villain Chapter 22 Release Date: Lucia heard Theodore admit that he already knew her secret. How Lucia would handle Theodore’s dilemma in I Am the Villain Chapter 22 had readers interested.

Everyone agreed that it was unfortunate that the spring weather had been so erratic given the impending storm. Claire had completely overlooked Lucy because the morning weather was so pleasant. Claire did not want to accept that Lucy and Lucia were identical because then everything would have been different.

Even Arthur did not recognize her, which irritated Claire because he was supposed to remember her. Claire thought Arthur had completely missed seeing her. She didn’t want to think that he had feelings for Lucia.

I Am the Villain Chapter 22 Release Date And Time!

The publication of I Am the Villain Chapter 22 will take place at 11:30 PM KST on October 26, 2023.

I Am the Villain Chapter 22 Spoilers!

For fans eagerly anticipating the next developments in “I Am the Villain” Chapter 22, it’s important to note that as of the current moment, no spoilers for this particular chapter have been made available.

The world of manga is tightly guarded when it comes to preventing leaks and spoilers, which ensures that readers can experience the story’s twists and turns as intended by the creators. So, while the anticipation is high, readers will have to exercise patience and wait for the official release to enjoy the unfolding storyline and character arcs.

I Am the Villain Chapter 21 Recap!

Theodore had had enough of Henry beating him up. Lucia and Noah were out for a stroll in the interim. Lucia’s chilliness was noted by Noah. When Lucia saw Theodore. She approached him and questioned him about why he was there alone before noticing the numerous bruises on his face.

When Lucia asked Theodore whether he was okay, she quickly recognized that with all of his wounds, he probably wasn’t. Lucia asked Noah to make a doctor’s appointment and seek assistance.

I Am the Villain Chapter 22 Release Date

Theodore was questioned by Lucia if he felt lightheaded and who had done all that to him. In case she needed to ask for assistance carrying Theodore, Lucia wanted to be sure he could stand up on his own.

Theodore was depressed and didn’t understand why Lucia had to come across him at that precise time. After telling her that he was unconcerned, he made the decision to depart.

But his discomfort gave way, and he became immobile. He was told by Lucia to cease pretending that he was not hurting when he could hardly stand up straight. Theodore stopped Lucia when she asked him to lean on her so she could transport him to the villa.

He admonished Lucia to stop being so kind to him and start being more like Lucia. Lucia was stunned to learn that Theodore had discovered her secret; she could not believe it.

I Am the Villain Chapter 22 Raw Scans!

Additionally, as for raw scans of “I Am the Villain” Chapter 22, they are not yet accessible. Raw scans are typically the unedited and unprocessed versions of manga chapters and are often the first step in the manga production process.

However, the release of these raw scans is controlled by the publishers, and it may take some time before they become available to the public. Fans of the series will need to wait for the official release or translations to experience the next chapter’s content.

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Where Can I Read Chapter 22 of I Am the Villain?

The English translation of I Am the Villain Chapter 22 will be accessible on Webtoon.


In conclusion, “I Am the Villain” Chapter 22 promises intriguing developments, with Lucia’s secret now known to Theodore. The story is filled with tension, exacerbated by the stormy weather. Readers can expect this chapter on October 26, 2023, at 11:30 PM KST, but no spoilers are available, ensuring a surprise-filled experience. As for raw scans, they are currently unavailable, with their release under publisher control. Fans eager to continue will have to await the official release or translations. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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