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Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 96 Release Date, Spoilers, And Where to Read?


Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 96 Release Date: It’s slowly becoming clear that Taimune is who she says she is after hidden playing cards for a while. What’s even stranger is that she’s been doing this for a reason, and it turns out it’s only because of Luna’s brothers.

In the most recent issue, a lot of information came out that made us think Taimue was wrong for everything she did. Even though it’s wrong for Taimune to throw her kids away, she says she had to do it to stay alive. Fans are really excited about the action in the most recent issue, which makes them wonder what Luna plans to do next with everything she learned from Taimune.

Youngest Son of the Swordmaster Chapter 96 will be the next book in the series. Fans are excited for it because it will continue the action. The chapter will come out all at once next week, and we’re here to talk about some of the details of it before it comes out.

Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 96 Release Date And Time!

Episode 96 of Swordmaster’s Youngest Son will be released on October 28, 2023, at noon Pacific Time. Every week, new parts come out.

Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 95 Recap!

At the start of Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 95, Taimune kicked out two of her students because they were both very upset about what they had heard. Taimune was sure that Luna would find out about all of this in the end, so she had to get an answer ready for her.

While this is going on, Jin is walking around town and meets someone who tells him about Taimune. The second person is shocked to learn that Jin has already taken care of Alluh the Spisderhead. From what Jin learns, he knows he needs to tell Luna about the Taimune being behind everything.

Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 96 Release Date

After meeting her, Jin tells her about the killers that Taimune has made from the shelter children. She doesn’t want to believe this, so Luna has to face Taimune about it.

Luna and Jin talk to Taimue about it, and Luna cries and looks very sad about it. Then Taimune tells her that she has been doing all of this to keep herself safe from Luna’s brothers, who killed all the house workers.

Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 96 Spoilers!

Luna will have a hard time facing one truth after another. Now that Taimune has told her the truth about her brothers, it will be very hard for her not to be broken. She will be broken and at her worst because she won’t know what to do. But we still don’t know for sure if Taimune is saying the truth or not. Jin is the only one who can tell you the truth about her play, and we really want to find out who “that person” is.

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Where to Read Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 96?

Chapter 96 of Swordmaster’s Youngest Son will be available on the Kakao Page in the raw version, but you will need a ticket to read it.


In “Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 96,” Taimune’s true motives and unsettling actions come to light, leaving Luna with a difficult truth to grapple with. The chapter, set to release on October 28, 2023, promises to continue the gripping storyline. As the plot unfolds, readers are left in suspense, wondering how Luna will react to these revelations. To read the chapter, fans can access it on Kakao Page with a ticket. The story is taking unexpected turns, keeping fans eagerly anticipating the next installment. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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