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Quest Supremacy Chapter 114 Release Date, Spoilers, And Where To Read!


Quest Supremacy Chapter 114 Release Date: Quest Supremacy is a manhwa that releases its chapter every Wednesday. Written by Taewan and illustrated by Yununi, this manga has a wide viewership.

The official premise of the manhwa is- “Gaming geek Suhyeon Kim hates school, and the dislike is mutual. Every day he faces relentless bullying from his classmates, leading him to wish his life was more like the RPG quest games he plays. Suhyeon’s wish is granted when a quest prompt pops up in real life with an easy quest and an enticing reward. With nothing to lose, he takes the chance, and one quest soon leads to another. As the stakes get higher and the rewards get bigger, Suhyeon soon finds he’s gone from being an ostracized nobody to the top of the school. Just how far will Suhyeon take his quests, and how far will he fall if he refuses to participate?”

This piece will explore the intriguing world of “Quest Supremacy,” giving you the most recent details on countdowns, release dates, raw scan locations, and other features of Quest Supremacy Chapter 114.

Quest Supremacy Chapter 114 Release Date 

Everyone is waiting for the Quest Supremacy Chapter 114 Release Date. Fans, in particular, are very interested in learning when the manhwa’s next chapter will be out. Quest Supremacy Chapter 114 will officially be released on 26 November 2023. Depending on the various time zones, this is the release schedule.

Zones/ Country Timing and Date
Japan 11:30 PM on 26 November 2023
Australia 11:00 PM on 26 November 2023
Eastern Daylight Time: 08:00 AM on 26 November 2023
New York (USA) 08:00 AM on 26 November 2023
South Korea 12:00 AM on 26 November 2023
Thailand 08:00 PM on 26 November 2023
India 08:30 PM on 26 November 2023

Where to Read Quest Supremacy Chapter 114?

Quest Supremacy is a Naver Webtoon original series, so you can read Quest Supremacy Chapter 114 on the Naver website or you can download the app for an even better reading experience. It is available for reading in six languages, including the original Korean. The platform also provides free access to some of the most viewed mangas as well. The access, however, is limited to only 3 chapters.

Spoilers for Quest Supremacy Chapter 114

Quest Supremacy fans are waiting anxiously for Chapter 114 Spoilers and Raw Scans. As of the time this article was written, spoilers and raw scans were not available. Three to four days before the manga’s official release date, spoilers typically surface on internet communities like Reddit.

Raw Scans are released by the makers of the manga series. Spoilers can be misleading. However, Raw Scans gives a sneak peek into the upcoming chapters that ignite the followers’ imaginations and curiosities. 

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Recap of Quest Supremacy Chapter 114

Quest Supremacy Chapter 114 Release Date

Soohyun and Jintae engage in tense martial arts combat utilizing strategic card-based strikes. Soohyun’s initial attack is blocked by Jintae’s counterattack, which opens up a sequence of deft moves. A stun fist card deals Jintae a mortal blow, but Choyun’s nullify card rescues her. Soohyun is caught off guard by Jintae’s relentless attacks, which are intensified by Choyun’s upgrades.

Seeing that cunning is needed, Soohyun alters his strategy and uses a grapple to trick Jintae before delivering a powerful uppercut. Following a crafty recuperation through the use of a healing object, Choyun lets Soohyun know that he is not the only one who gains from this kind of help.

This martial arts match features a dynamic blend of cunning, tenacity, and unexpected turns as the fight heats up. It will be a treat for the fans to see the fight continue and amazing moves.

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To sum up

It is now possible for readers everywhere to enter the enthralling world of Quest Supremacy and fully immerse themselves in its secrets and mysteries. Get ready for an exhilarating ride that will have you glued to your seat with Quest Supremacy Chapter 114.

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