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Reviewing 2023: Have Gaming Trends Changed Significantly?


With 2023 almost over, it is time for gaming companies to look back on the year and review the wins and losses. There are plenty of gaming trends that both the producers and the consumers of games have impacted within the past year. From the types of games played and the consoles that they were played on, these trends will shape the industry moving forward.

But have there been any massive changes this year? Let’s take a look at some of the biggest gaming trends and what the stories around them tell us.

Bitcoin Gaming is on the rise

More and more gamers hopped on the bandwagon of Bitcoin gaming this year. 8.9 billion dollars is what the Blockchain gaming market was worth at the end of 2023. It is going to get even higher in 2024 for sure! Out of all the Bitcoin gaming options you can play, many players are picking Bitcoin Poker.

The biggest reason that players are lining up at the virtual poker tables is the ease. You don’t need to dress up and go to the casino anymore. Instead, you can play poker with other players and a live dealer while sitting on your couch.

Blockchain technology lets you see your winnings move in real-time and makes it easier to claim what you have won. Plus, the transaction time and fees are both lower when you get your winnings into your bank account. This makes Bitcoin poker a very popular game for casuals and professionals alike.

Immersive Gaming Is Growing

Immersive gaming is becoming a key part of the gaming landscape. Virtual and augmented reality games are dropping players right into the middle of the action. They can move, run, and fight like the avatars they are controlling, which increases the enjoyment of already hectic gameplay.

This growing trend allows players to interact with the gaming world because players want to feel immersed. This means that companies are going to continue to blend VR and reality. Until one might just be indistinguishable from the other. At that point, gamers might be able to feel like the characters in the games they love.

Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Gamers And Developers

AI has started to be used in video games to supplement or even replace the old system of procedural generation. From enhancing dialogue options to improving how the world and characters react to the player, AI is being used in all sorts of contexts.

For example, the game Galactic Civilization 4 uses Alien GPT. This AI artwork tool allows players to generate the leader and species of their civilization using AI art. For players who want a bit more control over what they see in the game, or for those who dislike the existing portraits, this tool is really fun.

Plus it shows how AI can continue to create deeper player-driven experiences. Even game modders are using AI to breathe new life into the game worlds they love. There are hundreds of games and modding communities that are benefiting from the use of AI content.

But with all that AI has done so far for games, the surface has barely been scratched. As the tech behind AI continues to grow, so too will its influence and use in games.

Cross-Platform Gaming Has Kept Growing

Finally, with so many games and consoles to play them on, it can be very hard to keep up. Especially if you only want to buy one console and get your entire gaming experience there. However, cross-platform gaming is coming to the rescue. This is a trend that many gamers are enjoying when it comes to filling their libraries.

So many previously console-exclusive titles are coming to the PC, and other titles are being released on mobile or handheld devices. It might take more time for developers to create these titles simultaneously, but the increase in the customer base is well worth the effort.

Cross-platform gaming takes the massive variety of games and consoles and ties them all together. It can be a lifesaver for gamers who might be having some FOMO about that one game that isn’t on the native console they play.

Let’s See What 2024 Brings

2024 will very likely continue to follow these trends in the gaming industry. It will also introduce new trends. Especially as technology and ideas continue to develop. These growing trends are going to be things that every gamer needs to be watching. After all, the trends influence what games and content come out, so make your voice heard about the ones you like and dislike!

You might find that the trends you like have made it into the games of 2024 and beyond! Every type of gamer will be able to find a game made for them.

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