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Skull And Bones Great Ukuta Location: How To Complete The Location?


Skull & Bones’ Great Ukuta, situated on the southern tip of Africa’s coast, is a key outpost and the beginning of the Hunt for the Crown of Ukuta Investigation. To finish The Great Ukutaquest, find hidden treasure, follow clues, and loot.

Great Ukuta Location In Skull And Bones

Great Ukuta, which is situated on the southern tip of the Coast of Africa, is an important place in Skull & Bones. The Hunt for the Crown of Ukuta Investigation uses it as a base of operations and its starting point. It is located along the seashore on the left side of the map, where players can find a tipped-over cart covered with trash.

Skull And Bones great ukuta location

In addition to providing a pamphlet for the investigation, this cart offers extracurricular activities like looking through the Vendor’s supplies for blueprints and burning a bonfire to increase stamina. For those who are venturing further south along the African coast, Great Ukuta is an essential discovery and a handy place to stop and quickly travel.

How To Complete Great Ukuta Location?

In order to finish the “The Great Ukuta” mission in the video game “Skull and Bones,” take these actions:

  1. Starting Point: Start off at the Sainte-Anne Pirate Den or any other unlocked quick travel location that is closest to Great Ukuta.
  2. Travel To Great Ukuta: Head southwest on your ship to Great Ukuta. To get here, you’ll have to make your way through the seas.
  3. Find the Leaflet: Once at Great Ukuta, proceed straight ahead from the ship’s landing area. Look for an arrow-designated pamphlet on the ground. You can advance the quest by using the next clue found in this pamphlet.
  4. Locate Bandari Settlement: To locate the Bandari Settlement, use the leaflet’s clues. After you arrive, you must rob the community in order to get a diary, which is essential to the mission.
  5. Search a Shipwreck: Once you get the Diary, carry on by following the directions on the task. The mission requires you to sail around the island until you encounter stranded boats. To continue the adventure, search one of these boats.
  6. Go to Pillar Tomb Outpost: Proceed to the Pillar Tomb Outpost after that. To get here, take the directions that are given. It’s critical to keep your ship on track and exercise caution when navigating.
  7. Unearth the Treasure: Use the reference given in the mission to find and uncover the prize after you reach the Pillar Tomb Outpost. To make sure you successfully locate the treasure, pay great attention to the directions.
  8. Finalize the Quest: You’ve finished the quest after finding the treasure! Relish the benefits and feel proud of your successful journey.

Skull And Bones Gameplay

The exciting game “Skull and Bones” takes place in the Indian Ocean during the Golden Age of Piracy. Either alone or in cooperative play, players command their own reconfigurable pirate vessel. Wind location is one of the most important strategic factors in fighting. Players can unlock more ships with special weapons as they advance.

Skull And Bone Great ukuta location

Tactical moves and physical force are used in conflict, and it is even possible to board enemy ships for close-quarters fighting. Players can engage in competitive treasure hunting and accumulate fortune through multiplayer activities such as Loot Hunt. The game also includes exploration, where players can use spyglasses for reconnaissance and expandable crow’s nests atop ships as lookout locations.

“Skull and Bones” blends exploration, strategy, and naval battle in a setting with a pirate theme, promising an engrossing and action-packed gaming experience.


To sum up, Great Ukuta is a key site in Skull & Bones, where the exciting Hunt for the Crown of Ukuta Investigation begins. Due to its advantageous location on Africa’s southern coast, gamers set off on an adventure filled with secret treasures and tactical difficulties.

Through the use of mission clues, hazardous sea navigation, and intense naval battle, players are immersed in the thrill of the Indian Ocean’s Golden Age of Piracy. A unique and thrilling game experience is provided by Skull & Bones, which combines exploration, strategy, and high-stakes combat.

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