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WoW Classic Guide: Here’s How You Can Get the Ancestral Sword in Phase 2 of SoD


Players can find a lot of intriguing objects, occasions, and weaponry in World of Warcraft during its Season of Discovery (SoD). In addition to new Runes and Skill Books, the game now includes new weapons, like the enigmatic Two-handed Ancestral Sword, which is not currently assigned a specific role.

But a lot of players think its release has something to do with the Priest Runes, whose storylines have captured the interest of the community. Here is how to obtain this recently added sword in World of Warcraft Classic without wasting any time.

How To Get The Ancestral Sword In WoW Classic Season Of Discovery Phase 2?

You must go to Tirisfal Glades, which is located in the northern region of the Eastern Kingdoms, in order to obtain the Two-handed Ancestral Sword. Once you arrive, you have to make your way through the Glades to the Northeast section, which is where the well-known Scarlet Monastery is located. This Horde Stronghold is divided into four sections, each with a different level, and is populated mostly by Scarlet Crusaders.

WoW Classic Guide: Here’s How You Can Get the Ancestral Sword in Phase 2 of SoD

The dungeon of Scarlet Monastery includes sections like:

  • Graveyard: Levels 26 to 36
  • Library: Levels 29 to 39
  • Armory: Levels 32 to 42
  • Cathedral: Levels 35 to 45

Since the area is an end-game location, make sure you have the necessary level of experience or bring your party to take on the variety of Scarlet enemies that can be found within its walls. Fortunately, you don’t have to enter every area of this dungeon unless it’s absolutely necessary because you can still drop the Ancestral Sword by killing enemies outside of the dungeon.

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These are all the competitors who could drop this weapon:

  • Scarlet Diviner
  • Scarlet Myrindon
  • Scarlet Monk
  • Scarlet Protector
  • Scarlet Evoker
  • Scarlet Champion
  • Scarlet Defender
  • Scarlet Wizard
  • Scarlet Adept
  • Scarlet  Chaplain
  • Scarlet Scryer
  • Scarlet Centurion
  • Scarlet Gallant
  • Scarlet Abbot
  • Scarlet Soldier
  • Scarlet Guardsman

WoW Classic Guide: Here’s How You Can Get the Ancestral Sword in Phase 2 of SoD

There is a 1% chance that any of these mobs will drop the Ancestral Sword. But be aware that the majority of these formidable foes are between levels 34 and 38, so if you are outmatched, they will definitely put up a fight.
You can view the level 31 Ancestral Sword’s stats after you successfully obtain it as a drop. These stats include:
  • Damage: 17 to 46
  • Damage per Second: 10.16
  • Speed: 3.10
  • Durability: 65
  • Minimum Required Level: 26

Here is the sword’s description: “Passed down by a noble Lordaeron family. Once thought to be lost in the swamps around Kyross along with the last warrior to wield it.”

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