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Activision Banned 27,000 CoD Accounts In Two Days


Activision’s anti-cheat team, Team RICOCHET, recently revealed that 27,000 accounts were banned from Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone in just two days.

This announcement comes after the team upgraded a number of detection systems, which are now heavily reliant on AI and machine learning techniques.

According to reports, it’s the first of many significant ban waves intended to combat the growing number of unscrupulous operators within the Call of Duty community.

Although it might seem like a lot, Activision hasn’t banned as many accounts in one sweep as this one. This is a sign of a larger issue that has existed for more than five years in the Call of Duty core ecosystem.

After Call of Duty: Warzone was released, it got much worse, and since then, Activision’s attempts to eradicate foul players and cheat providers have been met with constant resistance.

Reason To Bother

The Call of Duty community has been fighting against cheaters and other bad actors in the game for a very long time. Many argue that even in competitive modes like Ranked Play, there is no incentive to cheat in these games because there is nothing to gain.

Activision Banned 27,000 CoD Accounts In Two Days


People generally cheat because they want to ruin other people’s fun or deceive the content creation community into thinking they’re more talented than they actually are.

Activision has been cracking down on cheat providers in the past few years. Some of these “companies” have been forced to close down by Activision’s legal actions.

In a recent incident, hackers breached a website that offers software to modify Call of Duty games, leading to the punishment of hundreds of thousands of cheaters.

In a strange turn of events, Activision collaborated with the supplier to fix the problem, which affected a large number of accounts.

It was verified in a recent update published by Team RICOCHET that:

‘Team RICOCHET identified and banned over 27,000 accounts over the weekend through a series of upgraded detection systems. The team is progressing on a new set of security updates and anticipates more ban waves to come.’

Numerous players are still reporting being shadowbanned, or temporarily suspended, without cause, even after the security systems were recently upgraded. Activision is currently working on that, but they haven’t given any updates.

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