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A look into the modern technology of online casino games


Throughout the years, gambling has witnessed a remarkable transformation, especially since the emergence of online casinos. Technological advancements played a significant role in online casinos’ popularity since they can bridge the gap between traditional casinos and online platforms.

New developments in various online casino games have changed the gaming experience for gambling enthusiasts. Besides offering a unique gaming experience, the technological features also contribute to the player’s protection and fair gameplay.

After understanding how the technology works, players can make better decisions during play to increase their chances of winning.

This article has listed several core technologies used in online gambling platforms that provide an immersive experience for the players.

Random number generator (RNG)

The RNG is one of the most critical elements in online casino games, particularly slot games. The RNG refers to an algorithm that generates completely random outcomes.

When a game is started, the RNG rapidly produces a new seed number or symbol for every millisecond. Each number or symbol represents possible outcomes on the slot machine’s reels.

As a result, players have an equal chance of winning because this technology ensures fairness and protects them from any form of manipulation. There are no outside influences on the possible outcome of the game.

Usually, regulatory authorities monitor the use of RNG technology. To ensure the game’s fairness and randomness, reliable online casinos or providers typically use third-party testing companies.

Live-streaming technology

Advanced live-streaming is another popular technology used in online gambling games. Livestream technology enables online casinos to transmit real-time video over the internet without delays, giving players a real-time experience when playing on a laptop or a mobile device. To accomplish this, the technology requires several protocols, such as WebRTC, RTMP, HLS & Dash, and others.

The WebRTC enables peer-to-peer web-based communications, similar to those found in Zoom or InEvent. The RTMP protocol receives RTMP data from the encoder during a live-stream session.

The usage of live-streaming technology is also apparent in Livespins casino games. Players can place bets alongside online casino streamers in real-time as they are streaming Livespins.

If the streamers win, players will receive a payout based on the wagered amount. Throughout the games, players can sit back and enjoy watching someone else spin the reels in real time.

Encrypted payment systems

Encrypted payment systems are often found in online casino platforms. The encryption involves converting any data either from the player or the casino into complex codes that can only be viewed with a password or decryption key. This can prevent hackers or third parties from gaining the information.

Virtual casinos employ secure payment gateways to protect their customers’ financial data. These gateways are equipped with a robust encryption system that scrambles transactional data, making it unreadable to cybercriminals without the encryption key.

Meanwhile, some online casinos have started to accept advanced payment methods, including cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Tether. This can help reduce transaction costs and provide higher security as well as faster transactions.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

AR technology makes use of real-world settings and objects. Using this technology, online casinos can overlay digital content with the real environment in order to provide players with a thrilling gaming experience. Ultimately, players can view the casino floor in their actual environment.

On the other hand, VR technology enables players to recreate an actual casino setting through their devices. To start playing, they only need to wear a VR headset.

After that, they can interact with other players, explore the casino, and even spin the wheel on a slot machine. VR headsets are becoming a staple in online casinos to provide players with an even more realistic gaming experience.

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