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Game Show Network Unveils New Series ‘beat the Bridge (Race Against Time: Can You Beat the Clock to Cross the Bridge?)


The new game show ‘Beat the Bridge’ seems like a captivating television game show. An enormous interactive bridge inspires players. In this, players are encouraged to step on the correct answers to challenging questions in order to cross the bridge.

Each correct answer will contribute to the team’s bank as players move forward on the bridge and with bonus money for each successful crossing.

There will be a time limit in this, and if a player manages to answer all questions correctly within that time limit, they need to bring back one player. If the team succeeds in doing this, they can take the winning amount with them.

What is the Release Date of Beat the Bridge Season 1?

The tv series season Beat the Bridge Season 1 today GSN release date in the USA is on Monday June 10th. 

The new game show ‘Beat the Bridge’ sounds like an interesting television game show. An enormous interactive bridge inspires players.

Release date of Beat the Bridge Season 1

Discover the Thrills of ‘Beat the Bridge’ Game Show

  • Created by STV Studios, this game unfolds on an expansive interactive bridge, challenging teams of players to navigate by stepping on the right answers to a barrage of trivia questions.
  • Each step on the bridge places contestants closer to the money in the “team bank”. Bonus money is also collected for every crossing.
  • Still, a team can only get their money if they can “beat the bridge” thus the name, by returning one of their players back across the bridge before the time clock expires.

Who Will Host the Tv Series Beat the Bridge Season 1?

According to the press release the new Television game show hosted by Emmy nominated actor and Emmy winning TV host Cameron Mathison. Made his long-awaited return to daytime on ABC’s General Hospital after a decade as fan favorite Ryan Lavery on ABC’s All My Children. He was also the co-host of Hallmark Channel’s “Home and Family” alongside Debbie Matenopoulos for three seasons.

Mathison is also the creator of allhealth360, a health and wellness destination dedicated to a healthier lifestyle inside and out. He previously served as feature correspondent for “Good Morning America,” “Entertainment Tonight” and “Extra,” and co-hosted the “35th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.” He recently signed a multi-picture deal with Great American Media.

Experience the Game Through the Trailer – Get to Know More

Watch the official trailer of Television Game show “Beat The Bridge” by clicking this link.

This game assesses your mental acuity, and a correct answer can add the winning amount to your account.

Release date of Beat the Bridge Season 1

Discover Where to Catch the Exciting ‘beat the Bridge’ Game Show?

A new television game show ‘Beat The Bridge’ you can watch all the episodes on June 10 at 6 PM EST on Game Show Network.

According to a press release, contestants make their way across a bridge by stepping on the right answers to trivia questions. This banks money for a team, but they’ll only keep the cash if they “beat the bridge,” or send a player back across the bridge before time’s up.


A thrilling journey awaits as you race against time to conquer the bridge and claim your prize. This game show promises an intriguing and enjoyable experience.

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