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Google and Apple are assisting UK with a COVID-19 tracking app

Recently, there is a confirmation from the UK Government that they are working on the development of a smartphone app. This app will help in tracking those citizens who are suffering from the novel coronavirus or COVID-19. Further, it will also help in reaching to the people coming in contact with the ones who are already infected with the virus. It seems like all other countries will soon follow the same and develop an application for tracking their citizens.

The official announcement 

Matt Hancock, the UK Health Secretary, announces about the development of an app at a press briefing this weekend. But there is no announcement of a particular date  for making the app available to the general public of the United Kingdom. 

Moreover, Hancock didn’t mention the names of the companies collaborating to develop this app. In his briefing, he only refers to ‘the world’s leading tech companies’ without particularly naming any organization. But according to sources, Google and Apple are the companies that are working on tracking technology with the Government.

The two tech giants, Google and Apple, are working together to build an app for both iOS and Android phones. Further, the app won’t consume much space and the Internet and will help in tracing the infected ones. And, also, the people who have come in contact with them. 

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