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Gangavva likely to quit Bigg Boss season 4, will Sujatha get eliminated due to less vote count?

Unsurprisingly the YouTube sensation Gangavva was brought in as the Bigg Boss Season 4 contestant. This 63-year-old grandmother was wondering what she was doing in the house but after coming into the house, Bigg Boss changed her appearance.

It’s hard to imagine a Bigg Boss house without Gangava. In the first week, Gangavva impressed with her dialect and language and pushed 16 contestants aside. However, she could not stay here as she was not in good health in the second week. However, Nagarjuna appealed to her and made her stay in the house.

However, Nagarjuna was shocked to see her medical report saying that Gangava was not in good health for the last few weeks and wanted to leave. In the promo, Nagarjuna says that if Bigg Boss gives permission, Gangavva will come out.

However, the doctors tested Gangavva again, then talking to Nagarjuna Gangavva said “my heart could not bear it. Even if there is no house but I can’t stay, I can’t sleep”. With this, along with Nagarjuna, the members of the house also became emotional. But is this part of the Bigg Boss drama? Or really send Gangava home? That will be known in tonight’s episode.

If Gangavva leaves Bigg Boss house tonight what will happen to the 5th-week elimination, will Sujatha get saved for one more week? We will have to wait and watch.

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