Bigg Boss 4 Anitha Samapth’s husband Prabha Garan slams dance Master Sathish for trolling his wife on social media

Bigg Boss 4 Anitha Sampath with husband Prabha Garan

Bigg Boss has been running very busy since the first week of this 4th season. The reason for that is the fight between Anitha Sampath and Suresh Chakravarthy from the very beginning. Despite the disagreement between the other contestants, it was Anitha Sampath who kept the Bigg Boss show busy in its first week.

Anita Sampath, who was a newsreader on popular television, has become very popular on the internet. Fans’ expectations of her were high when she came to compete in Bigg Boss 4. But Netizens who saw what she did in the first few days of the show started comparing her to last season’s contestant Vanitha.

She was widely criticized for exaggerating a problem that was normal. Also in the life path task Anitha was talking about how she went from Tiruvallur to Chennai during her college days and walked there for an hour every day and earned money by conducting tuition. And she was talking about poverty that even if her shoes were hollow there would be no money to buy.

Famous dance master and actor Satish usually posts about Bigg Boss on Twitter. He has been criticizing many contestants since the start of the first season of Bigg Boss in Tamil. He was also talking about Anitha Sampath recently in that line.

Criticizing Anitha for talking about the hardships she went through in the life path task she had gone through, Satish said he was neither sad or sympathetic to her story as she didn’t share it in a way that would bring her sympathy. Also he further added that everyone suffered during Coronavirus lockdown and hence he didn’t feel sympathy for her.

Anita Sampath’s husband has retaliated on Sathish for speaking about Anitha. He said that Satish would have understood her story if he had grown up in hunger and would not tease the pain, sufferings and hunger of another person. He also further added that a dance master shouldn’t dance in arrogance.,

Dance master Satish has retaliated to Anitha Sampath husband’s words saying that he cannot beg others to believe in her sad story, it should ring in those feelings on its on. He also added that Anitha is crying inside while her husband is crying outside and that he should buy a BP tablet.


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