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Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Vote: 9 Contestants nominated for 6th week elimination

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 week 6 nominations

Five weeks of Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 has ended with 6 contestants eliminated so far. Our of these 6 contestants Gangavva is the only contestant who left the show due to medical conditions. All the other contestants were eliminated depending on voting percentage. Every week contestant with the lowest voting numbers were eliminated from the Bigg Boss house.

As always, the viewers can vote for their favourite contestant of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu online or by giving a missed call to the below-mentioned numbers. The housemate to garner the least number of votes, by the time the voting lines close, will stand eliminated this weekend.

Like last week this week also has 9 contestants nominated for elimination. The nominated contestants for 6th week elimination are:

  • Abhijeet
  • Ariyana
  • Akhil
  • Divi
  • Harika
  • Kumar Sai
  • Lasya
  • Monal
  • Noel

Sohel is the captain of week 6 and hence he is safe from elimination. Stay tuned for the elimination process and more details on how these contestants are nominated. It must be noted that Abhi, Akhil, Monal, Ariyana, Lasya are nominated for two times in a row.

Vote to save your favourite Bigg Boss Telugu contestant

  • Abhijeet (15%, 198,954 Votes)
  • Ariyana (11%, 152,805 Votes)
  • Monal (11%, 146,800 Votes)
  • Akhil (11%, 145,984 Votes)
  • Lasya (11%, 142,111 Votes)
  • Harika (10%, 141,355 Votes)
  • Noel (10%, 140,598 Votes)
  • Divi (10%, 139,138 Votes)
  • Kumar Sai (10%, 138,894 Votes)

Total Voters: 948,808

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Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Nominations Task Week 6

The nominations task was a gripping one similar to the fifth-week task. The open nomination task involved chilli garlands this week. The contestants were given the privilege of garlanding two contestants whom they wish to nominate. As expected, the sixth elimination nominations task involved several arguments and fights.

Ariyana nominated Mehaboob and Monal

Abhijeet nominated Mehaboob and Akhil

Harika nominated Ariyana and Kumar Sai

Amma Rajashekar nominated Lasya and Abhijeet

Monal nominated Ariyana and Divi

Sohel nominated Ariyana and Kumar Sai

Lasya nominated Mehaboob

Kumar Sai nominated Harika and Monal

Noel nominated Divi and Abhijeet

Akhil nominated Abhijeet and Ariyana

Avinash nominated Divi and Abhijeet

Mehaboob nominated Divi and Ariyana

Divi nominated Noel and Mehaboob



How to vote in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4

Vote in Disney+ Hotstar App:
Install Disney+ Hotstar App and vote for your favourite contestants by searching β€œBigg Boss Telugu” and selecting Vote Now option. A maximum of 10 votes can be made daily from a profile. Tap on your favourite contestant and vote.

Vote missed call numbers of contestants nominated for elimination in the third week of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu:

Monal:Β 8886658201

Lasya: 8886658203

Noel: 8886658213

Abhijeet: 8886658204

Harika: 8886658208

Ariyana: 8886658210

Kumar Sai: 8886658217

Akhil: 8886658215

Divi: 8886658214

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