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Rio Raj angry over Suresh Chakravarthy’s remarks in the latest promo of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4

Less than a week after the start of the 4th season of Big Boss, the contestants have created problems every day. The fight between Anita Sampath and Suresh Chakravarthy, which started on the first day, and the Sanam-Balaji Murugadoss fight, which has been going on since the weekend, have all kept the fans excited.

In this situation, the housemates have elected Suresh Chakravarthy as the captain for week 2 in Bigg Boss. Netizens have been talking on social media about what will happen.

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In this situation, Suresh Chakraborty said in the promo video released today, has made actor Rio very angry.

Balaji Murugadoss asks Suresh Chakraborty a question about who is not true and still wearing a mask and acting. In response, Suresh points to actor Rio as an example and starts talking.

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Suresh’s words have made Rio angry, and he says not to use him as an example. He also angrily argues with Suresh to take someone else as an example and not him.

Thus it is expected that this will be the biggest problem in the Big Boss house today. It is noteworthy that this week Rio Raj has started fighting with Suresh Chakraborty and Anita, who has been having trouble for a week already. Suresh told Kamal Haasan that he wants more fights to come in the Bigg Boss house.

It remains to be seen whether this fight will explode or subside in tonight’s episode.

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