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Suresh Chakravarthy wins hearts by supporting Gabriella alone, #SureshChakravarthy trending on social media

The 4th season of Bigg Boss has been airing in Tamil since the 4th October 2020. Archana made her entry as the 17th contestant yesterday in the show which started with 16 contestants. It can even be said that her visit has added to the interest of the show.

Archana, who had been observing the activities of the contestants at home for 10 days, gave awards to contestants separately on the orders of the Bigg Boss. Following this, the Vijay Tv has released two promo videos for today’s episodes.

In the first promo, “Bigg Boss tells the other contestants in the house to choose two people who are less interesting in the house, and the contestants chose Shivani and Jithan Ramesh.

Archana, who has just entered the house, says that the two have finally been selected, and Bigg boss tells them their name and tells them to lock them in the glass room. Following that, Shivani and Jithan Ramesh are locked inside the glass room.

In the second promo Suresh stands up when Bigg Boss asks whoever want to support Gabriella, can stand up. The task is how long they are their team mate on their backs. As soon as the task starts Ari lifts Velmurugan on his back. Balaji picks up Rio next. Suresh, who said he was supporting Gabriella, carried her on his back.

Suresh with his back pain continues to carry Gabriella and finally Gabby gives up. But Suresh appreciates her efforts and hugs her. While all the other contestants were seen supporting either Rio or Velmurugan Suresh was the only one to support Gabby. This has won many hearts and the audience are amazed by the talented Thatha Suresh Chakravarthy. #Sureshchakravarthy is trending on social media and he is bound to stay in the house for few more weeks even if he gets nominated as his fans are expected to vote for his honest reactions in the game of Bigg Boss.

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