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Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Eviction 2nd Week: Rekha eliminated from BB house with least votes

The second week of Bigg Boss 4th season is over. Suresh Chakravarthy has scored more in the second week. Vijay TV is releasing a new promo every day with him as dance, fight and sentiment.

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All this aside today being weekend Kamal Haasan will be interacting with all the contestants and talk about what happened during this week, hence fans are excited to watch that interaction. Not only that but there are a lot of discussions going on on social websites about who is going to be eliminated this week.

A total of 7 contestants are on the Bigg Boss nomination list. Only one of Sanam Shetty, Shivani Narayanan, Gabriela, Rekha, Samyukta, Aajeedh and Ramya Pandian will be evicted this weekend. It has been reported on social media that Rekha has been evicted from the nominated contestants as the shooting for the weekend show is currently underway.

Bigg Boss fans on Twitter have been expressing various opinions about it. Rekha had once said, ‘I hope they will send me back without damaging my image.’ Netizens say it has now come true. Rekha has not been given much screen time in the Bigg Boss scenes aired so far. No footage of her being misrepresented was aired.

With the recent  entry of Archana as wild card she gave some awkward titles to other housemates. In it she gave the title ‘No Comments Simple Waste’ to Balaji Murugadoss. That is what she has given to Rekha too. But it’s noteworthy that the scene was not broadcast on TV.

Fans continue to question why that is. Before the arrival of Bigg Boss, many doubted that Rekha would have agreed to participate in the competition by putting everything like this. Now that the news that Rekha is eliminated is going viral, it will be known tomorrow whether it is true or not.

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