Bigg Boss Tamil Samyuktha with her husband photo goes viral on social media

Samyuktha Bigg Boss Hritik Roshan

Photos of Bigg Boss Tamil Samyuktha with her husband and son goes viral on social media. Fans are saying that he looks like a hero. Model Samyuktha Shanmuganatha is a contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil season 4, and she is slowly becoming a fan favourite due to her dressing style and infectious smile.

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But some fans are complaining that she is not active inside Bigg Boss house, and she was even given the award “Showcase Doll” for being silent and not involved inside the house.

Meanwhile, a photo of Big Boss Samyuktha’s husband and family has gone viral on the internet. We will have to wait and watch if Samyuktha can progress to more weeks inside the Bigg Boss house without getting evicted.
Samyuktha Bigg Boss

Samyuktha Bigg Boss with husband

Samyuktha Bigg Boss with family

Samyuktha Bigg Boss husband

Samyuktha Bigg Boss with kid


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