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Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Vote: 6 Contestants nominated for 7th week elimination

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu inches towards the halfway mark as it enters the seventh week. The journey of the fourth season of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu has been a rollercoaster ride. Several high intensity and well-crafted tasks were the highlights of this season. Also, Bigg Boss 5 was marred by a bunch of contestants.

Six contestants are eliminated in Bigg Boss 4 Telugu so far. Out of this, one wild card entry Swati Dixit was eliminated three weeks ago. The last week’s elimination was Kumar Sai. Kumar Sai’s eviction gave some breathing space to Monal and Ariyana, who were in the bottom three voting results.

Though Kumar Sai’s eviction brought disappointment to the audience, the seventh-week elimination nominations will hold the key to the weaker contestants’ prospects. The viewers can always vote for their favorite contestant of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu online or by giving a missed call to the below-mentioned numbers. The housemate to garner the least number of votes by the time the voting lines close will stand eliminated this weekend.

[poll id=”5″]

This week has 6 contestants nominated for elimination. The nominated contestants for 7th-week elimination are:

  • Abhijeet
  • Ariyana
  • Avinash
  • Divi
  • Monal
  • Noel

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Nominations Task Week 6

As always, Bigg Boss 4 Telugu comes up with innovative ways to nominate contestants every week. The 7th-week elimination nomination task involved pairwise nominations. One of the two contestants who received maximum votes from the fellow housemates will be nominated.  The contestants were asked to pair up in the following manner, with one of them getting nominated for the seventh eviction in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4:

Abhijeet and Harika – Abhijeet was nominated

Avinash and Sohel – Avinash was nominated

Ariyana and Mehaboob – Ariyana was nominated

Akhil and Monal – Akhil was nominated

Divi and Lasya – Divi was nominated

Noel and Amma Rajashekar – Noel was nominated

Vote missed call numbers of contestants nominated for elimination in the seventh week of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu:

Monal: 8886658201

Noel: 8886658213

Abhijeet: 8886658204

Avinash: 8886658217

Ariyana: 8886658210

Divi: 8886658214

[poll id=”5″]

  1. Priya says

    Save monal

    1. Arun says

      No Avinash are divi

      1. Mike Butcher says

        @Arun Divi might get eliminated

        1. Sk says

          Akil and monal – akil was not nominated ,monal was nominated

    2. Ramesh says

      My vote always akhil and monal

    3. Maggi says



    please save noel anna b’coz as genuine as he is and make sure he will be in top 5 please vote noel anna for his genuienity and even he not even rash to anyone as he is sweet at heart soo vote noel sean and save him…..

    1. Jogi says

      Noel anna ki vote vedham

    2. Nikhitha nunavath says

      vote for noel broo

      1. Mike Butcher says

        Noel is safe from elimination, he is leading

    3. sandeep says


  3. Laxmi says

    Monal my vote

    1. Mahesh says

      Save abhi

      1. Mike Butcher says

        Abhi always safe!!

    2. Ramesh says


    3. Krishna says


    4. A.madhavi says

      Please don’t vote for monal
      Please save Avinash , Devi, noel, Abhijeet, ariyana ok please vote do not save monal

      1. sandeep says

        yes good correct

    5. Maggi says

      Is saving Monal a good thing? Tell me what she does in bb except for playing with Akhil’s heart

  4. Devender says

    Save Abhijith
    My vote is Abhijith

    1. Mike Butcher says

      Abhijeet is always safe 🙂

      1. Lokesh says

        Plz vote for noel Anna

  5. Chandrika says

    S Save monal

    1. Mike Butcher says

      @Chandrika We will have to wait and see if Monal gets saved… 4 more days of voting left

      1. Zipp says

        Akhil and Monal – Akhil was nominated

        Suggestion…. It’s where u had made mistake!!

        Here Monal nominated

      2. Maggi says

        I hope atleast this time she gets out of bb. Can’t tolerate her anymore. If she stays worthy contestants will get out

    2. kallu reddy k says


    3. Ramesh says


  6. kallu reddy k says

    Save monal and noyal plzz save her

    1. Akshaya says

      Save ariyana

  7. raj says

    akhil monal always

  8. Rajesh says

    Vote for abhi and avinash

  9. Sai says

    Save Ariyana

    1. Mike Butcher says

      @Sai Chances of Ariyana getting eliminated this week is high

      1. Nagendra says

        Vote for who played genuinely in this game …divi also playing genuinely and she’s way of thinking is assume….

    2. Raghavi says

      Yes pls save ariyana

  10. korlakanti BHARATH KUMAR says

    vote to abhijiiit

    1. Mike Butcher says

      Abhijeet is leading the vote as always!!

  11. Kruthika says

    I am seeing people r trying to save monal ?‍♀?‍♀?‍♀?‍♀in what way she better to stay in house,,, nd seriously noel, he is doing nothing in any tasks he is always so weak that he wanted to return home ?‍♀?‍♀?‍♀?‍♀

    1. Bhaskar bunny says

      That right noel better no prblm abut norl bt why everyone save to monal I don’t understand ?? she is bigg liar in house ?? my vote goes to abhijit he is genun player in BB house iam saving him what about your vote Dear ? save abhijit please ??

      1. I s v l sagar says

        Yes… Playing unfair game

    2. Bhaskar bunny says

      Alwys save abhijit bcse he is playing very well and biggg boss team dng very wrong with him he is genun
      player please vote abhijit ????

      1. Nalini atluri says

        Abhijeet ni sarigga gamanisthe telusthundhi thana over attitude, over confidence, pogaru,asalu genuine kaadhu natisthunaadu but evariki ardham katledhu

        1. Theja says

          Mundu meru artama chesukondi mam abhi garu gurinchi

        2. Riya says

          That’s true u r absolutely right ,all of u people were telling not to vote for monal but she is getting high votes if she is a liar how can she get so many fans and votes think logically.

          1. hell with BB says

            She is getting less votes. But broker boss is saving her

          2. Mike Butcher says


  12. Mahika says

    Please save divi

    1. Mike Butcher says

      @Mahika Divi is in danger of elimination

  13. saraswathi says

    Avunsh phone number link is going to connect with Abhijith number

    1. Mike Butcher says

      @Saraswathi it’s fixed

  14. Bhaskar bunny says

    Alwys save abhijit bcse he is playing very well and biggg boss team dng very wrong with him he is genun
    player please vote abhijit ????

  15. Gopi says

    Please vote abhijeet

    1. Siva says

      Yes abhi be safe ???
      Vote to abjeet and lasya

      1. Mike Butcher says

        Lasya is not in the elimination nomination

  16. Vyshnavi says

    My vote for monal ,Noel,aryana,

  17. Manu says

    Please vote to avinash☝️☝️

  18. Chaithu says

    Save cheyandi monal

    1. Priya says

      S plzz save monal

      1. I s v l sagar says

        No…. Monal have to leave the home

        1. Mike Butcher says

          Chances she might get eliminated this week

  19. I s v l sagar says

    Save abhijeet…. Ariyana, Avinash.. And noel

    1. Mike Butcher says

      Except Noel and Ariyana the others are safe!!

  20. Palle bhaskar says

    Big boss 4 Winner
    ABHIJIT ??

  21. Harsha says

    Monal was muse,akhil is a cunning,mehaboob was a bot. totally bigboss is a dummy game worste game in the world CHEEEEE. PTHU . YAKKK

    1. Mike Butcher says

      @Harsha but Monal might get saved this week

  22. Sravan says

    Avinash misscall number wrong why?

    1. Mike Butcher says

      @Sravan I think it’s fixed

  23. Manasa says

    My Vote For Abhi Why Because He Is My Crush In Life Is Beautiful Movie In Pelli Goola Also. So My Any Time Votes For Abhi

    1. Mike Butcher says

      @Manasa Abhi is safe

  24. rajkumar annadevara says

    Save divi I feel she deserves 2week more

    1. Mike Butcher says

      @Rajkumar It looks like she might get evicted

  25. Anitha says

    Pls eliminate monal

  26. Akshaya says

    Vote ariyana

  27. Ramavath Sai says

    Noel will safe

    1. Mike Butcher says

      Noel is not safe might get eliminated

  28. Someome says

    Monal. Should get eliminated and she will

    1. Mike Butcher says

      @Monal will not get eliminated this week, she might get saved as she is a TRP material

  29. Chaithu says

    Save cheyandi monal support cheyandi

  30. Preethi says

    Save monal

    1. Mike Butcher says

      Monal will get saved

    2. Maggi says

      Girl seriously who wants to save that unworthy candidate Monal.. All she does is lie and does nothing but cries.

  31. Harsha Vardhan Reddy says

    Vote to Noel chicha

    1. Mike Butcher says

      @Harsha He needs more vote or else he might get eliminated

  32. Ammu says

    My vote monal

    1. Mike Butcher says

      @Ammu Monal might get saved by Bigg Boss

  33. A.madhavi says

    Please don’t save monal
    Please save Avinash, Devi , noel , Abhijeet , ariyana please vote for them and save them please , please,

  34. Hi says

    Plzz save monal

  35. Beulah says

    Please vote monal

  36. Divyashree G says

    Avinash should be safe

    1. Mike Butcher says

      @Avinash is the new captain for Week 8, he is safe!!

  37. Sairaj says

    We want kumar sai

    1. Mike Butcher says

      @Sairaj might re-enter as wild card

  38. Kedari.sai venkat says

    Save Avinash

  39. krishi says

    my vote alwaays for abhi and sohel

  40. Sk says

    Only this website abhijeeth is in 2nd place fake website ..

    1. Mike Butcher says

      @SK The results are transparent.. we have nothing to do with voting.. it can be checked by everyone

  41. Killanamanikanta says


    1. Mike Butcher says

      Ya he is safe from evicton

  42. G.shivw says

    Save ariyana

    1. Mike Butcher says

      Let’s see if she is safe by weekend

  43. Rakesh says

    Save monal ……

  44. Mishti says

    Please don’t vote for MONAL. She is the biggest liar in the house. She is playing double and dirty games. Uses people. There are other contestants who are really playing well and giving healthy entertainment. I feel KUMAR Sai and SUJATHA were better contestants than MONAL. Vote for anyone except MONAL. BTW my all time favorite is ABHIJEET. He is such a darling with no over actions. During the weekends also he dresses up so soberly. I felt he was unnecessarily targeted by Nagarjuna in few episodes and was snubbed without even listening to his point of view. VOTE FOR ABHIJEET <3

  45. lil says

    My vote is for Abhijeet, Lasya,Ariyana, and Sohel all the time

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