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Bigg Boss 14 20th October Episode Highlights Week 3: Seniors Out, Actual Bigg Boss Game On?

Bigg Boss 14 has reached its two-week juncture where the seniors will decide who will remain confirmed in the show and eliminated. Like this weekend, the freshers decided under which seniors guidance they would be during this difficult time. The teams were further divided. Team Gauhar Khan was Rahul Vaidya and Jaan Sanu, Team Hina Khan was Rubina, Dilaik, Abhinav Shukla, Jasmine Bhasin, and Nishant Singh Malkani, and finally, Team Sidharth Shukla was Eijaz Khan, Pavitra Punia, and Nikki Tamboli. Shehzad Deol was as good as out of the race as he was invisible. In tonight’s episode, there was a lot of action and chaos.

Fight over Weekly duties

The episode began with this week’s duties being allotted to the contestants. While last week saw Rubina and Abhinav fighting with the entire house over kitchen duties, they decided to take a step back this week. This did not go down well with the rest of the house, and they considered it to be planned between husband and wife. The arguments did not stop there, with Eijaz lashing out against Shehzad. Eijaz was hell-bent on making Shehzad realize that he is invisible in the house as per the tag given to him during the weekend. He didn’t let him utter a word or even suggest. Their argument continued for quite some time. Jaan and Nishant tried to maintain peace and develop a logical plan, but another hindrance came their way. Rahul refused to wash the dishes as he said he had a medical problem. Jasmine was against this excuse and said no-one would work for Rahul this week if that’s the case. Rahul was finally made to realize that he could try out this duty for a few days, and if it doesn’t suit him, he can switch.

Rubina and Abhinav’s Tiff With Salman Khan

During Weekend Ka Vaar, there was a lot of chaos surrounding Rubina. Host Salman Khan did not seem too pleased with her behavior and was very vocal about the same. Salman had told Rubina that all her personal possessions were outside the house except one hinting directly at Abhinav. This did not go down well with Rubina, and she saw this as disrespectful. She was called into the confession room and wanted to opt-out of the show. Her point of being her husband was disrespected. Abhinav is called into the confession room, and he convinces Rubina that if this was done in humor, they should accept it. Bigg Boss tells Rubina that she can bring it up with Salman Khan next weekend if she still has a problem.

Game Over: Task Over Eliminations

Teams will be fighting against one another to hit a buzzer; whichever team can touch the other teams’ buzzer for over five seconds wins. Teams cannot touch their own buzzer. At the end of the task, whichever team loses would have to leave the house along with the senior whose team it is. The game is all about concentration. Sidharth teases Gauhar, but she doesn’t see it as anything humorous. The main buzzer causes turmoil and a lot of physical violence. This does not end well. Gauhar’s team wins this round, and so does Hina’s. Gauhar and Hina are very vocal that Sidharth’s team cheated as three people entered the box. Pavitra and Nikki disagree with the decision, and they look very morose. Gauhar and Hina get into an argument with Sidharth. The three seniors are then called into a room for a final decision to show them the footage of the task. Tehri’s responsibility in the house is finally over, and this is solely for the freshers’ future. They get into a huge argument. Hina and Gauhar say three from Sidharth’s team were in the box, and they were attacking. Gauhar says that Sidharth’s team was attacking. Gauhar goes on to protest. Bigg Boss says that rules have been broken on both sides. The episode and on this note.

The preview for the next episode shows that the final decision will be announced tomorrow. Along with this, it is also shown that there will be people coming into the house in tomorrow’s episode and destroying several things. All we can do is wait and watch.

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