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Bigg Boss Tamil latest promo shows Aari fighting with Balaji during luxury budget task

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil was given the task of ‘Nada Illai Kada’ on the show yesterday. In it all the contestants have to split into two teams and dress up as royal family and monsters to take part in the competition. When a member of the royal family comes out the demons can enslave him or her if he is lured along.

Suresh Chakravarthy, Aari, including Anita were the monsters in this task which took place yesterday. Today it has been reversed intact. The monsters have been transformed into the royal family and the royal family into monsters. Monsters can now take revenge for things they did yesterday.

According to it, Aari, who was in royal attire, came out and stood in front of the monsters and they put the orange peel near Aari’s face. Unable to bear it he was shaken. So angry Aari fought with them. The promo shows Aari arguing with Balaji about the rules of task.

Fans are amazed to see Aari so turbulent. Netizens say he has been quietly advising others to this day.

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