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Bigg Boss 4 Tamil latest promo shows Suresh likely to get evicted this week among housemates

The 4th season of Bigg Boss is currently causing a stirring day by day. In which a problem is erupting every day inside BB house. In this case, the contestants are shown to be given a very different task today. The task is for all the contestants to speak for themselves and ranking from 1 to 16. According to them, the first-place winner will have a chance to become a winner while the 16th-place finisher might be the one to be evicted this weekend.

In this task, Suresh Chakravarthy is seen standing at the 16th position in the list. By this, it seems that the whole house is against him.

Here is the promo video…

According to the contestants’ predictions, it seems that Ramya is likely to get first place. It remains to be seen whether any problem will arise amid the contestant in the middle of this task. When he was given the last place, Suresh started standing in that place. Didn’t even go and sit on the sofa. Some have even openly asked how long you will stand in that place.

It is noteworthy that despite the opposition to Suresh Chakravarthy inside the Bigg Boss house, he has the most support among the fans outside. That’s because all the things he does on the show keep the fans entertained a lot.

Netizens are also talking in support of Suresh after watching this promo video. “Suresh, you’re a clever person, you know you have entertained us, and we won’t let you go out this week”, says a fan. You don’t know about Suresh Thatha, another person teased other contestants, saying, “Stay in suspense.”

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