The Walking Dead Season 11: Release Date And All Updates You Need To Know!!


The new chapters of the Zombies series are recorded, but when will the new season of ‘The Walking Dead’ arrive?

We do not know when we will be able to see the episodes of season 11 of The Walking Dead. On The Walking Dead, there has been a change of plans due to the coronavirus pandemic. If tradition dictated that the new season be released in October or November, it will not finally be seen until 2021. And also, AMC has commissioned six additional chapters that will bridge between season 10, already broadcast, and season 11, which will have 24 episodes and will be the end of the series.

With new security measures in place and information on how to keep everyone healthy, the team is already working on the bridge episodes that will be added to Season 10 and will air in early 2021. In late 2021 and 2022, they will air. the 11th season chapters. Not only did

Norman Reedus shares photos of himself dressed as Daryl Dixon to work on the six additional episodes that will be filmed over the next three months, but the official accounts of The Walking Dead shared a set update. from Georgia.

What will season 11 of ‘The Walking Dead’ be like?

Little is known about the new chapters of the series, but the end of season 10 can give us clues of what we can find. Eugene (Josh McDermitt) travels to Charleston, the place where he must meet the mysterious person he contacted by radio, Stephanie (Margot Bingham). Arriving at a Charleston train station, Eugene appears to have missed his meeting with Stephanie and her people. ” She’s not here anymore. If she ever was, ” Eugene laments.


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