‘Gotham’ Comes To An End On Netflix. Why Don’t We Have A 6th Season?


Based on the Batman franchise, a prologue to the DC hero story, the “Gotham” series debuts its fifth and final season on Netflix today. More dedicated fans, however, know that this wave of episodes was aired last year in the United States, registering the worst audience rating on American Fox since its debut in 2014.

But why won’t there be a sixth season, if the series is successful in streaming? You must be wondering that. One of the main reasons is that Fox, acquired by Disney in 2019, decided to put an end to the series produced by Warner after a significant drop in the audience over the five seasons. To give you an idea, the former had an average of 7.6 million viewers per episode in the US, and the latter, “only” 3.7 million.

But Why Isn’t It Still Streaming?

That depends on the availability and willingness of the streaming platforms to pay for production, especially Netflix, which acquired the rights to display. This has happened recently, for example, with the series “Lucifer”, which was canceled in 2018 by Fox and, in 2019, became an original Netflix production. But, for now, there is still no evidence that this could happen with the “Gotham” story.

Streaming Favors Warner

Another factor that weighed in the cancellation: Fox does not make money from the reproductions on Netflix, only Warner Bros, which is the producer of the series. A viable way out for Warner would be to continue producing the episodes to make them available on its own streaming platform, HBO Max, which will be released on May 27. But that shouldn’t happen – at least, not soon.

But Can The Series Return In The Future?

You can, but the chance is slim. Although fans still hope to see a sequel to DC Universe, the publisher’s streaming service, the dramatic arc of “Gotham” has already been closed. The series focuses on Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), not Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz). At the end of the fifth season, he becomes a police commissioner, as we know the character in comics and TV.

I’m A Dc Fan. What Can I See Going Forward?

There are a lot of DC coming out there. The main novelty is the film “Batman”,

In the field of series, DC has been successfully producing its Arrowverse universe, with great titles like “Supergirl”, “Black Lightning” and “Batwoman”. Several of them are available in the Netflix catalog, and the latter has just debuted on HBO. Another good news is “Stargirl”, based on the DC superheroine, who will be played by Brec Bassinger. The American premiere is scheduled for next week.


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