The Last Kingdom: The reason King Alfred was the least accepted by fans


I start from the popular Netflix, The Last Kingdom, many fans have taken certain expectations and doubts with some characters from the program, especially with King Alfred. But, this is why.

Series The Last Kingdom is preparing for its fifth season, but, remembering the last season of the show, fans expressed their views on one of the characters who died.

King Alfred appeared in the first three seasons of The Last Kingdom and was passionate about uniting the kingdoms of England. He even allied with Uhtred.

Despite their alliance and Uhtred’s loyalty to Alfred, the King often punished Uhtred for the decisions he made and banished him multiple times. But, the king revealed the truth before he died. On his deathbed, he realized the extent of Uhtred’s loyalty to his cause and they ended their friendship on good terms.

Everything that King Alfred did, made many viewers of the show admire him, while others despised him, for his way of being and treating the character with whom he allied and always showed him respect.

Some fans of the show expressed their opinions on the social networks of The Last Kingdom series when they saw King Alfred pass away :

The reality is that the character of King Alfred, had many flaws, but his role in this story was to give more depth and drama to the series, to later demonstrate Uhtred’s courage and confidence.

All the followers of The Last Kingdom are awaiting the release date for the fifth season of the historical drama on the Netflix platform.


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