Pirates Of The Caribbean 6: Producer Wants Johnny Depp Cameo, But Disney Refuses


Following the accusations of domestic violence against Amber Heard and his lost lawsuit against the tabloid of the SunJohnny Depp sees his career crumble little by little. After his ousting from the Fantastic Beasts franchise and being replaced by Mads Mikkelsen, he was sacked from the Houdini series. Having become undesirable in Hollywood, his fate in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is also widely talked about. 

Reducing his role to less screen time to prepare for a passing of the torch, only to make Jack Sparrow a cameo or then to completely hide him from the whole film, Disney was procrastinating in his choices and did not know which opportunity to borrow. In any case, the saga should continue without him, since a potential Pirates of the Caribbean 6 will be carried by Margot Robbie, and a reboot written by Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) with Karen Gillan (Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy) in the title role will arrive in stride. 

A report from the Hollywood Reporter announces that Jerry Bruckheimer, the flagship producer of the franchise pushed for a Johnny Depp cameo in the sixth film, but Disney refused the request. 

However, it remains to be seen whether the public will manage to rally around a new heroic figure such as Jack Sparrow could have been, but the deal seems to be off to a bad start. Several online petitions have been initiated for the actor to be reinstated in the role. In a time when fan anger prevails over some big studio decisions (Sonic’s redesign for the 2020 live-action movie, the release of the Snyder Cut on HBO Max and the return of Hayden Christensen in the Obi- series Wan ). 

This request from Jerry Bruckheimer refused by Disney could spell the end of the fate of Jack Sparrow and force the firm with the big ears to a parade to evoke the fate of the famous pirate. His absence might not be covered in the whole movie or worse yet, he might be killed offscreen and only mentioned once. It would be a sad end for an actor and an important figure of pop-culture who will have fascinated millions of people. 


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