Deadwind Season 3: Release Date, Cast And All Other Details


It was observed that regional international broadcasts dominated the number of viewers as well as appreciation. The quality of the content has been diverse and well dispersed around the world.

With unlimited access to viewers, a Scandinavian show like Deadwind is considered to have had a great run in its first two seasons. Now Deadwind Season 3 is turning heads and making the hype real to themselves. Rumors are strong and expectations are on the verge of maximum.

Deadwind is about a newly widowed Helsinki Police Department detective working on a homicide case for a woman named Anna Bergdahl. Thus, the show impressed viewers as well as critics. The dark setting and the feel of the edge of the seat in each episode confirmed the fan’s expectations.

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Deadwind Season 3 Release Date

The first season of Deadwind took place in 2018. So after losing a year, on July 1, 2020, the second season was released on Netflix. Both seasons had 8 episodes, and each chapter is forty-four minutes.

Well, Netflix hasn’t made any announcements regarding Season 3. So it’s pretty unpredictable whether the renewal will be processed now or not. However, Season 2 was well received by critics and viewers. Therefore, there might be a possibility of renewal.

Additionally, there are speculation that the show is currently in its early stages of development. But since no authenticated statement has been made, we cannot accept this information. However, if there are a third season, it will arrive in early or perhaps mid-2021.

Cast Iron Speculation

There are no such news regarding the cast for Season 3. But regardless of the regularity, the main cast is supposed to be the same. That would keep Pihla Viitala, Lauri Tilkanen and Leena Pöysti going back to their respective roles. Other than that, there is no news of any additional cast members for the third season.


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