A Joke On The Social Media Of The Pakistani Version Of Money Heist


The popular web series ‘Money Heist’ has become a worldwide hit. Obviously, if something is hit so soon, then it is equally hard to cash in on its popularity. This web series is once again in the headlines but it is because of Pakistan. The Pakistani version of ‘Money Heist’ is being discussed on social media.

Actually Pakistani actor Ejaz Aslam announced his next film ’50 Crore’ on Twitter. He released a teaser without a caption. In this he appeared for a board. The caption was – Police Department Address. This was similar to the introduction of characters in the first season of Money Heist.

The special thing is that it is being made fun of on social media. Users have alleged that actor Ejaz Aslam is making a Pakistani version of ‘Money Heist’. One user trolled them and wrote – Money highist will go to Pakistan bank and further down their server.


One user wrote- ‘This is the light version of Money Heist’. One wrote- ‘Pakistan is making its money heist. No problem but what will you steal, money is not in the bank, roti or naan. ‘ One wrote – 500 million is a Pakistani remake of #MoneyHeist. Even the show’s makers know that the State Bank of Pakistan hardly prints 50 crores.

It is a Spanish Crime Drama television series. There are a total of four seasons that you can watch on Netflix. The series is currently one of Netflix’s best series. A total of two thefts have been shown in four seasons. People had seen many types of thieves from films to series earlier, but ‘Money Heist’ is far ahead of them all. The series was well received in India along with the whole world. Series characters such as Professor, Berlin were also well known.


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