Beyoncé Donates $ 500,000 To People About To Be Evicted


100 families will receive the US $ 5,000 to prevent foreclosures from leaving them homeless.

Beyoncé could not close 2020 without showing her support for those affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The singer, through her charity, is donating a total of $ 500,000 to help those on the brink of losing their homes due to non-payment.

The Beygood Foundation has announced that it will distribute donations of $ 5,000 to 100 people who are at risk of being evicted due to the current health crisis.

On its official website, it reads: “The second phase of the Beygood Impact Fund will now help people affected by the housing crisis. The home moratorium will end on December 26, resulting in foreclosures. Many families will be affected, due to the pandemic that resulted in job losses, illnesses, and a general slowdown in the economy. ”

“This season, while many are stressed about what they will do with their homes, we are proud to share some GOOD news. Beyoncé is awarding grants of $ 5,000 to individuals and families facing foreclosure or eviction. Necessary documentation must be submitted to the NAACP. The online application process begins on January 7, 2021, where 100 recipients will be selected and grants will be disbursed at the end of January. The second round will open in February. And there is more GOOD NEWS for the end of the year (…) Keep the faith… Keep the hope… Together we can help ”.


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