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Cobra Kai Season 3: A New Clip Reveals What Happened To Miguel After His Fall

Cobra Kai 3 will begin right after the events of the second season, specifically after that fight between Robby (Johnny’s son) and Miguel (his star student), which ended with a dangerous fall that left Miguel in a coma in a hospital bed.

The first advances of the third season of Cobra Kai r evelan Miguel wake from his coma, but fans wondered what would happen after that and if the star pupil of Johnny Lawrence could return to karate as if nothing had happened. Now a new Netflix clip reveals that Miguel is awake, but seems to have lost his ability to walk, and it’s up to his teacher to do everything he can to help him recover.

As for Robby, we still don’t know what the consequences are for the fight, but it certainly isn’t going to be any good.

Johnny is very affected by what happened with Miguel , especially because it was his son who caused everything, but he is not going to let his student go through that alone, since this is where Ali Mills could have his entrance to appear in the third season of the series.

Does Ali Mills have something to do with Miguel’s case?

According to the Karate Kid canon , heroes cannot lose and injury is not the end, as Daniel LaRusso demonstrated when he defeated Johnny with a crane kick (illegal) after his knee was broken on John’s orders. Kreese, but in order to recover he needs expert help.

In Daniel’s case, it was Miyagi who helped him get back into the fight with an ancient technique that gave him the momentum and energy to deliver that final kick. Miguel doesn’t have a Miyagi , but Ali Mills is a successful and renowned pediatrician, and Johnny might have the perfect excuse to call her and take her back to town.

After being abandoned by his students and John Kreese robbing his dojo, Johnny has a glimmer of hope through a friend request from his old high school sweetheart, Ali ( Elizabeth Shue ), and it is she who might have the knowledge or contacts to give Miguel the help he desperately needs to recover.

We don’t know exactly what kind of pediatrician Ali Mills is, but it’s no coincidence that she contacted Johnny just at the time when she needed an expert doctor on her side.

Fans have been waiting for the moment when Ali makes his triumphant return in Cobra Kai, and now that Kumiko and Chozen are meeting Daniel in Okinawa (to help him uncover the secret Miyagi kept from him), Johnny could have his own reunion. With the woman who broke his heart and could never get over it.

But it will not be for romantic reasons, Ali “with an i” could be the key for Daniel and Johnny to work together to stop Kreese , but also so that Miguel can fully recover and become the secret weapon to defeat the old Karate villain Kid who is looking to train a new generation of athletes who are willing to play dirty if that is what they need to defeat their enemies.

Cobra Kai returns in the first week of January, so it won’t be long before we can see what’s next for the characters and what they’ll have to do to solve the problems they got into in season two.

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