Cobra Kai: This Is How Ali Mills Could Return In Season Three


Cobra Kai already revealed that Kumiko and Chozen will meet Daniel LaRusso again in season 3, in which Miyagi’s student might have to travel to Okinawa to discover an old secret of his master, and probably also to find his purpose and his way in life. But fans of the series believe, or rather hope, that this is not the only important meeting that could happen in the next chapters.

Ali Mills was the “bone of contention”, the Helen of Troy, for Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence in the first Karate Kid movie where they became the greatest enemies in movie history. She left Johnny in his most vulnerable moment and started dating the new student who kept bothering him, and that ended up marking all three of them.

No one knows what happened between Daniel and Ali in the Karate Kid to get them to split up, but that’s clearly something that’s still on the minds of all three (including Johnny) and season 3 Cobra Kai could certainly give them a chance. of facing old demons, conflicts and relationships.

Ever since the first season of Cobra Kai premiered (on YouTube before hitting Netflix), fans have been wondering if Ali Mills could make an appearance for her old neighborhood, letting Elizabeth Shue appear in a grown-up version of the cheerleader. from the first film that unwittingly turned the two protagonists into enemies.

Could Ali come back? Elizabeth Shue herself said in an interview that she is not closed to the idea. “I thought it was very well done and I’m thinking about it … Ali, with i, and I could go back again,” he said in an interview while promoting The Boys , the series in which he brought to life the ambitious and manipulative Madelyn Stillewll.

Based on what we’ve seen on the show, Ali Mills has a successful career as a pediatrician and is married to a doctor just as successful as she is, but we’ve only seen her through her social media posts, and it’s fair This is what connects her with history and opens the possibility of her coming back.

As we know, things don’t end well for Johnny in season 2, Miguel ended up in the hospital after a fight at school (in which Johnny’s son Robby pushed him down the stairs and left him in a coma), John Kreese practically accused him of being responsible for what happened to Miguel and stole his dojo and his students. Everything ended with a cliffhanger , Miguel’s life is hanging by a thread and Johnny is on the verge of collapse, but everything changes (or it seems that it will) when he gets a friend request from the cheerleader who broke his heart in the game. high school.

What could be Ali Mills’ role in Cobra Kai?

Miguel is in serious trouble and, although in the first trailer we saw him open his eyes, we also know that recovering is not going to be easy. That’s where Ali comes in. She is no longer a cheerleader, she is a renowned pediatrician and it could be Johnny who asks her for help trying to heal his student and help him get back on his feet, and probably get back to karate.

But not only that, Daniel LaRusso is married and will have a reunion with Kumiko, from Karate Kid2, in season 3, which could mean that this is an opportunity for Johnny and Ali (whose life may not be as perfect as it looks on their social media) to re-explore the possibility of a relationship, or at least to close the loop and end that part of the Lawrence and LaRusso fight , it might even be the key to getting the two old enemies working together to stop Kreese from destroying another generation of students.

On the other hand, another of the theories says that Tory is actually Ali’s daughter and she allegedly lied, saying that she was the daughter of a single mother who worked as a waitress to support them, to avoid comparisons with Sam LaRusso.


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