‘euphoria’ Special Season 2 Is Already Dated And Will Be About Jules


Normal people’ (‘Normal people’) has been one of the revelations of the season. Despite its closure, returning with a second season has been somewhat discussed by fans. Now it has been the actor himself, Paul Mescal, who has delved into what a return of the hit BBC series could be like.

The series was nominated for three Emmy Awards, including for Paul’s portrayal of the personable, insecure, and endearing Connell Waldron. Speaking to Digital Spy about the idea of a second season, the young man, who has just released an ad for the Samsung brand, said: ” It is not more likely or less likely. The team behind ‘Normal people’ is now concentrating all their efforts on ‘Conversations with Friends’ (another novel by writer Sally Rooney ), which I can’t wait to see, and I’m deeply jealous of the actors who go to work there. ”

He added that the director, Lenny Abrahamson, and the executive producer, Ed Guiney, had said that if they ever revisited the characters, it would be ” much later .


But he’s still a character that I love and would be interested in, but it’s not my decision. Now I’m in a position where I can get there, not necessarily looking to the future but looking back and seeing how important the character is and it was for me. It’s still a part of me. I would love to be able to go back to it. If I had known what was going to happen as a result of the series, I would love to go back and enjoy it, because that’s not always the case when you’re doing it You just want to do your best. That’s where all your energy goes. ”

And would it be possible for the second season of ‘Normal people’ to materialize? Thanks to the short story that Rooney wrote in 2016, ‘At the Clinic’, set when Connell and Marianne are 23 years old, we can know what happened to them after the end. Paul said the cast and crew discussed it, but ” you can’t talk so easily about who those characters are and where we think they’ll be in the next few years, but nothing more than some kind of hypothesis about those wonderful characters. you know, with well-drawn characters. There are endless possibilities open to them, and I think that’s what’s so interesting about those characters. ”


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But overall, Paul added that no conversations are going on at the moment, saying, “The honest answer is that it was after the show, and we haven’t really been talking about it.” Sadly, Paul added that there is no chance of him appearing in the ‘Conversations with Friends’ production either, stating that “I could call Lenny and ask him to include me in it. But I don’t know whether to fly.”


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