Furiosa: Anya Taylor-Joy And Chris Hemsworth Stars In Mad Max Prequel


Furiosa , played by Charlize Theron , was one of the best parts of the most recent Mad Max movie with Tom Hardy, Zoe Kravitz, Abby Lee and Riley Keough, it was a character they created especially for the reboot of the original saga of the years 70s and 80s (with Mel Gibson) and although they didn’t tell us much about her, she seemed to have an interesting story behind her.

In the 2015 film (which won 6 Oscars and was nominated for Best Picture), Furiosa is a Warrior, she was part of Immortan Joe’s harem for years, but it got to the point where she couldn’t stay there anymore, and when He saw the opportunity, took the tyrant’s wives and took them away in a war truck to go out to find a better place to live.

Along the way, Furiosa bumps into Max (Tom Hardy) and, after fighting a bit, they finally become allies and she confesses that she comes from a green land full of life and resources. At the end of the film, Furiosa discovers that this land no longer exists, so they decide to return to Immortan Joe’s territory to free him.

It seemed that Mad Max: Fury Road had stayed in a perfect place for a sequel, but George Miller, director of the original series and the new version, revealed that that was not going to happen, instead he announced (a few years after the premiere of the film) who would be working on a prequel that will tell the story of Furiosa.

After many rumors, it was finally confirmed that the prequel is going to happen, George Miller is part of the project and they have already chosen the protagonists for this new story.

Who will appear in the Furiosa prequel?

Anya Taylor-Joy (who is working on Robert Eggers’ The Northman), star of The Witch, Chris Hemsworth and Aquaman’s Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, are already confirmed to star in the film. Taylor-Joy is known to play the younger version of Furiosa (a role they didn’t give to Charlize Theron because George Miller didn’t want to use CGI to make her look younger), but they have yet to confirm the roles of Hemsworth and Abdul-Mateen.

What will Furiosa be about?

According to Variety, while preparing the script for ” Fury Road, ” George Miller and screenwriter Nick Lathouris developed origin stories for each character, but not much was revealed about Furiosa’s past. In the film, she is a war captain under the control of Immortan Joe, but she decides to “betray” him and help the women he used as sex slaves escape (so they would have their children), forming an alliance with Max to try to go home.

In the movie you can also see that Furiosa belongs to a tribe of female warriors, so the sequel could show us a little more of that, in addition to what happened in her life for furiosa to end up alone and working for Immortan Joe.

The original Mad Max saga doesn’t have a Furious , so it can’t really give us clues as to what George Miller has in store.

When does Furiosa premiere?

For now it is too early to know, Anya Taylor-Joy has to finish filming her project with Robert Eggers to be able to move on to this and, with the pandemic, it is likely that they will not be able to start filming until mid to late 2021.

Warner Bros. has finally announced a release date for Furiosa . The movie that is a spino off from Mad Max will arrive on June 23, 2023.

You have to remember that Mad Max (2015) is considered one of the best movies of all time, so there are high expectations for this prequel about one of its best characters. 


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