‘Furious’: Warner Sets Premiere Date To ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Prequel


According to Variety, Warner Bros. has announced the date of three of its upcoming films for theatrical release. With its plans to release its 2021 catalog in theaters and HBO Max at the same time, it is news that the company’s future plans continue to go through “exclusive” releases in theaters. Among all the long-awaited and highly commented prequel to ‘Mad Max: road rage’ stands out. ‘Furiosa’, which will feature Anya Taylor-Joy as Charlize Theron, will be a prequel to George Miller’s acclaimed film and will be released in theaters in 2023. Again, let Warner believe that there will be enough rooms to release blockbuster like that in 2023 is a positive thought about exhibiting in theaters that not many share anymore.

We will see it in the heat that corresponds to the desert of George Miller’s futuristic dystopia, where gasoline and water are the most precious goods. ‘Furiosa’ will premiere on June 23, 2023. If after the premiere of ‘Lady’s Gambit’ many have already stopped complaining about the change of actresses and for resorting to it instead of Theron’s digital rejuvenation, with Taylor-Joy’s meteoric career in 2023 we no longer believe there will be anyone left against her role.

The other two announced films are about a musical adaptation of ‘The Color Purple’ that will premiere on December 20 of that same 2023 and a family film of ‘Coyote vs. Acme ‘that will arrive on July 21 of that same year.

Therefore, although ‘The Matrix 4’, ‘Dune’ or ‘The Suicide Squad’ will come to streaming in a simultaneous premiere for theaters, this announcement has been seen as a sign of the future commitment of the company with the cinemas that many believed lost. Recall that Tom Hardy will not be in the prequel to Max Mad either, but Anya Taylor-Joy will be accompanied by nothing more and nothing less than Chris Hemsworth and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. The film, again, will be directed by George Miller like the rest of the saga.


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