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Is HBO Max Preparing The Return Of ‘Sex And The City’?


Warner launched its streaming service in the middle of this year, and with HBO Max subscriptions still leaving something to be desired, it has taken numerous steps to establish the brand. From promoting a hybrid exhibition model throughout 2021 that has shaken the industry, to tirelessly looking for projects that remove the nostalgia of the viewer, although these sometimes do not lead to more than in special meetings. It has been the case of The West Wing of the White House, of The Prince of Bel-Air and it will be of Friends , but not that of a series as iconic as Sex and the City . Around the latter, the platform seems to have opted for a new full-fledged series.

Since the 2012 premiere of Sex and the City 2 there has been speculation about the possibility of a third film that would give continuity to the adventures of its protagonists, having ended on television in 2004. In recent years, several of the unforgettable New Yorkers have manifested your intention to return to the franchise; Not so Kim Cattrall (who even proposed that the character of Samantha be played by a racialized actress in a possible comeback) but yes, for example Sarah Jessica Parker , who recently stated her curiosity to participate in a series of Sex and the City that not a reboot , but a sequel for television.

This is what can be expected from the Sex in New York miniseries , which according to Page Six is already underway, with HBO Max executives wanting to reach an agreement soon to carry out the revival . Originally, one of the most famous series that has been on HBO was starring Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon and the aforementioned Parker and Cattrall. On her return, Parker herself admitted that she would like to see how these characters react to the new advances of feminism and phenomena such as MeToo or Time’s Up. It seems that we are very close to discovering it.


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