Johanna Fadul Receives A Wave Of Criticism For Her Opinions On The Coronavirus


What started as a celebration to celebrate the result of her own test ended in all kinds of negative comments for the actress.

It is not a secret for anyone how difficult the covid-19 has made 2020 for all people around the world.

Having to say goodbye to our loved ones, forcing ourselves to stay home without being able to go out much, and having to change our cleaning habits are just one part of the big twist the coronavirus put on this year. But as difficult as everything has been so far, life goes on and especially for the stars, who always guide their lives under the motto “the show has to go on”.

The actress Johanna Fadul , who is recognized above all for her role as the daughter of ‘La Diabla’ in Without breasts, yes there is paradise , had a quite intense moment since she was tested to see if she was a carrier of covid-19, after be in a situation of risk of contagion.

The result was negative, so he wanted to share his happiness with all his followers on social networks. But what began as a moment of joy, ended in a harsh rain of criticism against him for the words he used in his videos.


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