Johnny Depp Calls For Annulment Of The Sun Trial Ruling


Johnny Depp is far from giving up in his fierce conflict with his ex-wife Amber Heard. Although he lost the defamation suit against The Sun on November 2 and his career automatically had negative consequences, the actor has not yet thrown in the towel: He has filed an appeal and the annulment of the ruling is a possibility.

Nick Wallis, a British journalist specializing in the scandal that surrounds the Hollywood star, put together an extensive Twitter thread to share the documentation presented by Depp’s lawyers at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. There, they ask to annul Judge Nicol’s decision, who had concluded that the defamatory accusations they published were “substantially true. ”

Johnny Depp Called For The Annulment Of The Ruling Against The Sun

Throughout the text published by the reporter, the step-by-step conflict in which Heard lied about the attacks he would have suffered by the 57-year-old artist was detailed. “There were no medical records to record the injuries that Ms. Heard allegedly suffered. The absence of contemporary documents was a material and relevant consideration that the Judge ignored,” the brief clearly states.

The documentation also answered the alleged assault in Australia in 2015. “Ms. Heard took pictures at the time that showed damage to the house in Australia, but none at all showing injuries to it. She photographed graffiti on a mirror to record the damage done to the house, but did not photograph injuries on his face that (if they existed) would have been visible in the mirror, ” it read.

The presentation of the interpreter of Pirates of the Caribbean also includes the aggressions carried out by the actress. The actor revealed that he had to call his security because he had been attacked “10 times. ” However, the judge did not take that part of the story into account and held that The Sun.


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