Lucifer Season 6: New Episode Title Reveal Alerts Fans


Each week Lucifer’s team drops clues on the remaining episode titles. Once fans figured out the title of episode five of the final series, they began to fear the worst.

After days of filling in the blanks as well, Lucifer fans correctly guessed the Lucifer season six episode title .

The fifth outing is titled The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar and was written by Lloyd Gilyard Jr. One fan suggested that Lucifer’s vulnerability had returned and that he may have died after all.

Lucifer’s vulnerability around Chloe is a subconscious choice of the character, as he wants to be with her. This means if Lucifer was injured or even killed when he was near Chloe.

So if Lucifer is still vulnerable around Chloe in season six, he might as well have been killed in front of Chloe. There are endless other possibilities for the title, including Lucifer faking his own death.

With most Lucifer fans voicing their fear, others are keeping their fingers crossed and offering alternative explanations. Fans will have to wait until season six drops on Netflix to find out.


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